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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Karana able to get from the sea elephant carcass?
(a) Teeth
(b) Cooking oil
(c) Whiskers
(d) Strong hide

2. What is on the beach when Karana returns?
(a) The bodies of two cows
(b) The body of the young bull
(c) The body of the old bull
(d) The bodies of both the young and old bulls

3. Why are the villagers calmed after the alarm?
(a) A huge warship bypasses the Island of the Blue Dolphins.
(b) The wild dogs are finally driven off.
(c) The ship has white sails rather than the red of the Aleuts.
(d) The young warrior chief Kimka does not come onto the island.

4. What is it Karana makes after many tries?
(a) A winter cloak from sea elephant hides
(b) A net to catch a sea elephant
(c) A bow and some arrows
(d) A fishing spear

5. How do the constant winds affect the land?
(a) They prevent the construction of any permanent shelters.
(b) They cause the hills to be polished smooth and the trees to be small and twisted
(c) They make movement about the island quite difficult.
(d) They bring dolphins closer in to the beach.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Karana describe her brother's eyes?

2. How do villagers feel about leaving the Island of the Blue Dolphin?

3. What does the young male do that starts a fight?

4. What does the shape of the island resemble when a person stands on a rise in the middle?

5. What awaits Karana upon her return to the cave?

Short Essay Questions

1. Karana watches for Tutok from a brushy ledge the morning after finding the necklace. What does Karana do when Tutok arrives, then turns to leave when she sees that Karana has not taken the necklace?

2. When there were people in Ghalas-at, Karana would be up before sunrise and busy with many things. What does she do now that she is the only person on the island?

3. Karana moves her home to a high rock ledge, but the wild dogs continue to circle below. She decides to go against the tribe's taboo about women making weapons. What does she fear will happen if she makes the weapons?

4. What events take place after Chief Chowig demands the rest of the chests be brought to shore before the otter pelts are loaded onto the ship?

5. What fills Karana with happiness the morning after she returns to the island in the leaking canoe?

6. Describe what happens when Karana goes hunting sea elephants. Does she manage to kill one?

7. What method does Karana use to get the wild dogs out of their lair so she can kill them? How effective is it?

8. After the tribe recovers the school of white bass that are stranded on the rocky ledge, two of the Aleuts come to ask for some. What does Chief Chowig tell them?

9. Does Chief Chowig accept the black chest of beads as full payment from Captain Orlov and the Aleuts? Explain.

10. Why isn't the autumn and winter peaceful in Ghalas-at, even though there is plenty of food for everyone?

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