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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the sea otters affect humans?
(a) They are valuable to the Aleuts because of their thick, beautiful pelts.
(b) They are valuable to the Aleuts as a source for lamp oil.
(c) They are valuable as a food source.
(d) They are a nuisance to successful fishing close to shore.

2. What does Chief Chowig tell the two Aleuts who ask for bass?
(a) He has to think of his own people and refuses to share the bass
(b) That the villagers ate all the bass the night before
(c) That there is plentiful bass near the beach in the early spring
(d) That the bass are spoiled and not edible

3. Even the smallest stored canoe is too heavy to lift, so what is Karana's solution?
(a) Shorten the length of the canoe
(b) Ask Ramo to help
(c) Clear rocks and make a slippery kelp slide straight to the water
(d) Await a very high tide

4. What is Karana able to get from the sea elephant carcass?
(a) Cooking oil
(b) Teeth
(c) Whiskers
(d) Strong hide

5. What is it that is now making Karana feel happy?
(a) The rocks, the kelp, the tides, the Island of the Blue Dolphins
(b) The canoe is repaired.
(c) A new source of fresh water is found.
(d) The blue dolphins are swimming in Coral Cove.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the men of the village of Ghalas-at prepare for the coming ship?

2. How do the constant winds affect the land?

3. What does Karana fear if she violates the laws of Ghalas-at?

4. What does Karana realize is happening while she is paddling the canoe?

5. What is a sai-sai?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is aboard the ship that arrives at Ghalas-at island? What do they want with the villagers?

2. Overcome with fear that her brother will be abandoned on the island, what does Karana do? What is the outcome?

3. Explain why the ship won't turn back toward the island so that Ramo can come on board?

4. Why didn't Karana want to return to the Island of the Blue Dolphins after her canoe starts to leak?

5. What does Karana do after she discovers Roma's lifeless body?

6. Why is Karana angry with the Aleuts for hunting the sea otters?

7. How does Karana get sea elephant teeth for her spear points?

8. Describe the preparations the people of the village make in case the Aleuts return and they have to escape?

9. Why isn't the autumn and winter peaceful in Ghalas-at, even though there is plenty of food for everyone?

10. How do the people of the Ghalas-at village know when the Aleutians are planning to leave the island?

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