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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the captain's name from the Aleutian ship?
(a) Captain Orlov
(b) Captain Aleut
(c) Captain Mitriff
(d) Captain Ghalas

2. What is Karana using to make a fence?
(a) Kelp
(b) Driftwood
(c) Stones
(d) Whale bones

3. Why do Captain Orlov and his Aleut hunters camp on the high ground of the island?
(a) To keep a lookout on the sea for any enemy ships
(b) Because the beach is small and almost floods when the tide comes in
(c) To get a better view of the village and any uprisings from the tribe
(d) To be able to look at all parts of the island's coast for sea otters

4. Why does Chief Chowig advise the people not to visit the Aleut's camp?
(a) He tells them that the Aleuts have powerful, evil magic.
(b) He says that the Aleut's ways and language are not their ways
(c) He warns them that the Aleuts carry disease.
(d) He says that the Aleuts might kidnap women and children.

5. What do the villagers fear?
(a) Losing to wreckage the few remaining skin canoes
(b) The water springs flooding parts of the village.
(c) Return of the Aleuts
(d) The raging sea storms from the south.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Karana able to get from the sea elephant carcass?

2. What is slowing the construction of the house?

3. How do villagers feel about leaving the Island of the Blue Dolphin?

4. What is it Karana makes after many tries?

5. What do the villagers think about as they keep watch of the Aleut hunt from the cliffs?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Karana finishes building her home, she decides it is time to kill the wild dogs on the island. What does she need to do the job?

2. Explain why the ship won't turn back toward the island so that Ramo can come on board?

3. Describe what happens when Karana goes hunting sea elephants. Does she manage to kill one?

4. Ramo decides to go to where the canoes are hidden and bring one back to Coral Cove, so he and Karana can fish and look around the island. What happens when he goes on this mission?

5. When there were people in Ghalas-at, Karana would be up before sunrise and busy with many things. What does she do now that she is the only person on the island?

6. Why didn't Karana want to return to the Island of the Blue Dolphins after her canoe starts to leak?

7. How do the men of Ghalas-at village react when the Aleut ship sails into Coral Cove?

8. What events take place after Chief Chowig demands the rest of the chests be brought to shore before the otter pelts are loaded onto the ship?

9. Karana moves her home to a high rock ledge, but the wild dogs continue to circle below. She decides to go against the tribe's taboo about women making weapons. What does she fear will happen if she makes the weapons?

10. How do the sea elephants help Karana decide where to build her new home?

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