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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is a new house necessary?
(a) The old house is destroyed in a storm.
(b) The wild dogs are becoming too aggressive.
(c) Karana needs better shelter from the winds and the storms.
(d) Ramo now needs a house of his own.

2. What is the reason Karana believes her father is defeated by Captain Orlov.
(a) He accepts one chest as payment.
(b) He is weakened because he tells his secret name to Captain Orlov.
(c) He trusts Captain Orlov and allows the lead hunter to pass by him.
(d) He asks Captain Orlov for help carrying the black chest up the cliff.

3. What is Karana following across the small hills and a valley, club in hand?
(a) Nanko and Ramo and three wild dogs
(b) A group of men that came up from Coral Cove
(c) A pack of wild dogs
(d) Three men carrying the canoe away from Ghalas-at

4. Why is life in the village slowed and very quiet?
(a) The food supply is quickly running down.
(b) The memory of those who are gone is a burden in the hearts of all.
(c) The return of the hunters is days overdue.
(d) The water for the village is now polluted.

5. Why does Ramo get up in the darkness and leave Ghalas-at alone?
(a) To hunt the wild dogs
(b) To surprise Karana by preparing the morning meal fit for a new chief
(c) He is angry with Karana
(d) To get a canoe hidden in Coral Cove

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a sai-sai?

2. How do the Aleuts act as they prepare to leave the island?

3. Why do Captain Orlov and his Aleut hunters camp on the high ground of the island?

4. What does Karana realize is happening while she is paddling the canoe?

5. Where does Chief Chowig dispatch several young men?

Short Essay Questions

1. What events take place after Chief Chowig demands the rest of the chests be brought to shore before the otter pelts are loaded onto the ship?

2. After the tribe recovers the school of white bass that are stranded on the rocky ledge, two of the Aleuts come to ask for some. What does Chief Chowig tell them?

3. Summarize the description Karana gives of the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

4. Karana moves her home to a high rock ledge, but the wild dogs continue to circle below. She decides to go against the tribe's taboo about women making weapons. What does she fear will happen if she makes the weapons?

5. Why is Karana angry with the Aleuts for hunting the sea otters?

6. Why isn't the autumn and winter peaceful in Ghalas-at, even though there is plenty of food for everyone?

7. Overcome with fear that her brother will be abandoned on the island, what does Karana do? What is the outcome?

8. Describe the preparations the people of the village make in case the Aleuts return and they have to escape?

9. How does Karana describe the Aleutian ship as it nears the island?

10. What does Karana do after she discovers Roma's lifeless body?

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