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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the men of the village of Ghalas-at prepare for the coming ship?
(a) They run down to greet the ship, carrying goods to trade with the crew members.
(b) They carry their weapons down to the shore. Half the men stand at the edge of the water and half hide in the rocks ready to attack if necessary.
(c) They arm themselves, running to the shore to drive away the intruders.
(d) They all hide among the stones, afraid of the unwanted intruders.

2. What is a reason Karana delays her shot at the sea elephant?
(a) The cows sound an alarm from the water.
(b) She does not know where to put the first arrow.
(c) Two bulls are rushing toward her.
(d) The cows are obstructing her shot.

3. Why did Ramo want to go back to Ghalas-at?
(a) Because Kimka tells him to get more fresh water for the voyage
(b) He is afraid.
(c) Because Karana tells him to get valuable seal skins to sell later.
(d) To get his fishing spear

4. How did the name, Island of the Blue Dolphins, possibly originate?
(a) From the single dolphin once seen offshore
(b) From an ancient song of the Ghalas-at village
(c) From the reflective coloring of the dolphins at sunset
(d) From the earliest people to visit the island

5. Which utensil Karana is making?
(a) Tongs for cooking on the open fire
(b) A wooden spoon
(c) A stone cooking pan
(d) A kelp screen for a strainer

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Karana's decision about her future?

2. What does the shape of the island resemble when a person stands on a rise in the middle?

3. What is on the beach when Karana returns?

4. Why is Karana leaving the raging battle of sea elephants?

5. What is the final deal that Chief Chowig accepts from Captain Orlov?

Short Essay Questions

1. After the tribe recovers the school of white bass that are stranded on the rocky ledge, two of the Aleuts come to ask for some. What does Chief Chowig tell them?

2. How does Karana build a fence to protect her from the wild dogs?

3. What is the emotional state of the villagers after losing so many men in the battle with the Aleuts?

4. What events take place after Chief Chowig demands the rest of the chests be brought to shore before the otter pelts are loaded onto the ship?

5. Karana leaves the island in one of the hidden canoes. She is forced to turn back to the island after the canoe starts to leak badly. On the way back, she has two good fortunes. Describe what these good fortunes are.

6. Explain why the ship won't turn back toward the island so that Ramo can come on board?

7. Summarize the description Karana gives of the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

8. When Karana goes to the spring to gather more water in her baskets, she seeks refuge from the wild dogs in a cave. She plans to turn the cave into another house. What does she do to the cave to make it habitable?

9. Overcome with fear that her brother will be abandoned on the island, what does Karana do? What is the outcome?

10. After Karana finishes building her home, she decides it is time to kill the wild dogs on the island. What does she need to do the job?

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