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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ramo get up in the darkness and leave Ghalas-at alone?
(a) To surprise Karana by preparing the morning meal fit for a new chief
(b) To hunt the wild dogs
(c) He is angry with Karana
(d) To get a canoe hidden in Coral Cove

2. Why are the headlands the better choice for a house?
(a) It is quieter.
(b) There is abundant fresh water.
(c) The wild dogs will not come here.
(d) All of the Island of the Blue Dolphins can be seen from here.

3. Who is the reason someone jumps overboard?
(a) Matasaip
(b) Karana
(c) Ramo
(d) Nanko

4. How do the Aleuts act as they prepare to leave the island?
(a) They empty one of the six chests.
(b) They hate Captain Orlov and refuse to follow his directions.
(c) They do not carry weapons of any kind while on the beach.
(d) They are laughing as if they are happy to leave the island.

5. Who vainly packs earrings and blue clay into the luggage?
(a) Matasaip
(b) Karana
(c) The Girl with the Long Black Hair
(d) Ulape

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Nanko think runs ahead of the group and boards the ship?

2. Why are the male sea elephants sitting separate from each other?

3. What was the problem the tribe encountered when Captain Mitriff came to the village to hunt years before?

4. What is Karana's decision about her future?

5. What is Karana using to make a fence?

Short Essay Questions

1. Overcome with fear that her brother will be abandoned on the island, what does Karana do? What is the outcome?

2. How does Karana describe the Aleutian ship as it nears the island?

3. Who is aboard the ship that arrives at Ghalas-at island? What do they want with the villagers?

4. Karana moves her home to a high rock ledge, but the wild dogs continue to circle below. She decides to go against the tribe's taboo about women making weapons. What does she fear will happen if she makes the weapons?

5. How many men come in the Aleut ship under the command of Captain Orlov. What do they want from the people of Ghalas-at village?

6. What is the emotional state of the villagers after losing so many men in the battle with the Aleuts?

7. When Karana goes to the spring to gather more water in her baskets, she seeks refuge from the wild dogs in a cave. She plans to turn the cave into another house. What does she do to the cave to make it habitable?

8. How does Karana get sea elephant teeth for her spear points?

9. What does Karana do after she discovers Roma's lifeless body?

10. Explain why the ship won't turn back toward the island so that Ramo can come on board?

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