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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a reason Karana delays her shot at the sea elephant?
(a) The cows sound an alarm from the water.
(b) She does not know where to put the first arrow.
(c) Two bulls are rushing toward her.
(d) The cows are obstructing her shot.

2. What is Karana following across the small hills and a valley, club in hand?
(a) A group of men that came up from Coral Cove
(b) Three men carrying the canoe away from Ghalas-at
(c) Nanko and Ramo and three wild dogs
(d) A pack of wild dogs

3. Why does Ramo get up in the darkness and leave Ghalas-at alone?
(a) To get a canoe hidden in Coral Cove
(b) He is angry with Karana
(c) To surprise Karana by preparing the morning meal fit for a new chief
(d) To hunt the wild dogs

4. Who is the reason someone jumps overboard?
(a) Ramo
(b) Karana
(c) Nanko
(d) Matasaip

5. Why is a new house necessary?
(a) The old house is destroyed in a storm.
(b) The wild dogs are becoming too aggressive.
(c) Ramo now needs a house of his own.
(d) Karana needs better shelter from the winds and the storms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Karana able to get from the sea elephant carcass?

2. As a storm rages for six days, what is Karana doing?

3. What is Karana's decision about her future?

4. Why have white men come to the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

5. Who greets the large Russian man after he says that he comes in peace?

Short Essay Questions

1. After the tribe recovers the school of white bass that are stranded on the rocky ledge, two of the Aleuts come to ask for some. What does Chief Chowig tell them?

2. How do the people of the Ghalas-at village know when the Aleutians are planning to leave the island?

3. What is the emotional state of the villagers after losing so many men in the battle with the Aleuts?

4. After Karana finishes building her home, she decides it is time to kill the wild dogs on the island. What does she need to do the job?

5. Describe what happens when Karana goes hunting sea elephants. Does she manage to kill one?

6. Why is Karana angry with the Aleuts for hunting the sea otters?

7. Explain the image Karana uses to describe Roma's eyes.

8. Karana leaves the island in one of the hidden canoes. She is forced to turn back to the island after the canoe starts to leak badly. On the way back, she has two good fortunes. Describe what these good fortunes are.

9. Who is aboard the ship that arrives at Ghalas-at island? What do they want with the villagers?

10. How do the sea elephants help Karana decide where to build her new home?

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