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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a reason Karana delays her shot at the sea elephant?
(a) The cows are obstructing her shot.
(b) The cows sound an alarm from the water.
(c) She does not know where to put the first arrow.
(d) Two bulls are rushing toward her.

2. What is the law Karana's father tells her about?
(a) Women are not allowed to make weapons.
(b) The sea gods constantly watch The Island of the Blue Dolphins.
(c) No hunting allowed on a full moon night
(d) Fish food should never be allowed to spoil.

3. How do the sea otters affect humans?
(a) They are valuable to the Aleuts as a source for lamp oil.
(b) They are a nuisance to successful fishing close to shore.
(c) They are valuable as a food source.
(d) They are valuable to the Aleuts because of their thick, beautiful pelts.

4. What does Karana compare the Aleut ship to as it comes nearer to the island?
(a) A gull with folded wings
(b) A dolphin skimming the surface of the sea
(c) A very large canoe
(d) A red whale

5. Who does Karana vow to kill as she sits awake all night?
(a) Nanko
(b) Chief Matasaip
(c) A pack of wild dogs
(d) The men camped in Coral Cove

Short Answer Questions

1. What is it Karana makes after many tries?

2. Why is Karana putting a canoe in the water at Coral Cove?

3. What is swimming ahead of the canoe?

4. Why does Chief Kimki reverse his decision?

5. What is the only thing that makes Karana sad?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the emotional state of the villagers after losing so many men in the battle with the Aleuts?

2. Why isn't the autumn and winter peaceful in Ghalas-at, even though there is plenty of food for everyone?

3. Karana moves her home to a high rock ledge, but the wild dogs continue to circle below. She decides to go against the tribe's taboo about women making weapons. What does she fear will happen if she makes the weapons?

4. When there were people in Ghalas-at, Karana would be up before sunrise and busy with many things. What does she do now that she is the only person on the island?

5. After Karana finishes building her home, she decides it is time to kill the wild dogs on the island. What does she need to do the job?

6. What events take place after Chief Chowig demands the rest of the chests be brought to shore before the otter pelts are loaded onto the ship?

7. How does Karana get sea elephant teeth for her spear points?

8. Summarize the description Karana gives of the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

9. How does Karana describe the Aleutian ship as it nears the island?

10. How many men come in the Aleut ship under the command of Captain Orlov. What do they want from the people of Ghalas-at village?

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