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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is one of the birds named Tainor?
(a) It is the name of an ancient tribal chief.
(b) It is the name of a young man Karana liked.
(c) It is the name of a small sailing ship.
(d) It is the name of the small dog Karana once owned.

2. What does the name Rontu mean in English?
(a) Big Dog
(b) Leader
(c) Killer
(d) Fox Eyes

3. Although this is a happy time for Karana, what does she think about?
(a) The Aleuts who might return
(b) The wild dogs
(c) Her friend, Tutok and her sister, Ulape
(d) Her brother, Ramo

4. What does Karana make for Tutok as a gift?
(a) A cape of cormorant feathers
(b) Pierced stone earrings
(c) Seal skin sandals
(d) A circlet of abalone shells for her hair

5. What is the biggest loss Karana suffers in the earthquake?
(a) Her headland home
(b) The stores of food
(c) The canoes
(d) Her two caged birds

6. Which one of the Aleuts is Karana afraid will find her?
(a) The Aleut dog
(b) The Aleut girl
(c) The Aleut captain
(d) One of the Aleut hunters

7. How do sea otters teach their babies to swim?
(a) The mother pushes them into the sea, hoping they will swim.
(b) The mother brushes the babies away with her flippers, swimming around them until the babies follow.
(c) The mother carries them into the water and swims back to shore.
(d) The mother lets them hold onto her flippers until they learn to swim.

8. Where does Karana bury Rontu?
(a) Atop the cliff
(b) On the headland
(c) In his old lair
(d) On the beach

9. What happens on the evening Karana returns to her headland home?
(a) A hurricane blows fierce winds
(b) Lightning strikes her home
(c) The wild dogs attack Rontu-Aru
(d) The earth begins to move from an earthquake

10. Where did the large dog leader of the pack come from?
(a) The far side of the Island of the Blue Dolphins
(b) Floated in on the surf one day after a storm
(c) The Aleut ship
(d) A small ravine

11. What does Karana think the world would be like without animals?
(a) A quieter place
(b) A hungrier place
(c) A less dangerous place
(d) An unhappy place

12. Why doesn't Karana bring Rontu with her to check out the Aleut camp?
(a) Rontu will slow her down.
(b) Karana doesn't want Rontu to get hurt.
(c) Rontu will bark at the Aleuts.
(d) The Aleut dogs will smell Rontu.

13. What does Rontu do when Karana asks him to bark at the sea gulls?
(a) He gets up and barks feebly.
(b) He looks up and barks for her a final time.
(c) He walks over to her, lies down at her feet, and dies.
(d) He jumps up like he used to do, and barks.

14. After the ship lands in Coral Cove, what does Karana think about?
(a) She thinks about how she can hide from the men.
(b) She thinks of her ancestors, happy times, and her unfinished canoe.
(c) She thinks about how she can chase the men away.
(d) She thinks of her brother Ramo, Rontu, and Ulape.

15. Why does Karana name the yellow, wild dog Rontu-Aru?
(a) The wild dog reminds her of Rontu.
(b) The dog looks so much like his father.
(c) The name honors Rontu.
(d) The name means daughter of Rontu.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Karana deny living in the cave when the Aleut girl asks her?

2. What does Karana place in Rontu's grave?

3. Why can't Karana go out of home during the winter?

4. Who walks into Karana's camp as she is holding up the skirt she just made?

5. What does Karana throw into the water when she sees the devilfish?

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