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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do gulls make their nests?
(a) High on cliffs, in hollow places in the rocks
(b) High in the tops of trees Leaves, grass, and vines
(c) On small islands
(d) In the reeds by the shore

2. Why does Karana change Mon-a-nee's name?
(a) She decides to give the otter a more masculine name.
(b) She gets tired of the old name.
(c) She discovers that the sea otter is really a girl and names her Won-a-nee.
(d) She thinks of a name that she likes better.

3. What do the men from the ship find when they come ashore?
(a) Karana's fire and canoe
(b) Karana's black stone necklace
(c) Rontu-Aru and the caged birds
(d) Karana's headland home

4. What do Karana and Tutok do when they finally meet?
(a) Karana tells Tutok to stay away from her home.
(b) Tutok tries to take Rontu with her.
(c) They argue over the black, stone necklace.
(d) They trade words with each other, teaching their language.

5. Where does Karana bury Rontu?
(a) On the beach
(b) On the headland
(c) In his old lair
(d) Atop the cliff

6. What happens after the incident in the meadow?
(a) Gulls are never again seen on the Island of the Blue Dolphins.
(b) Rontu disappears for one week.
(c) The Aleuts board their ship and sail away.
(d) Wild dogs never return to the headlands.

7. What does Karana tell Tutok that proves she trusts the Aleut girl?
(a) Where Rontu sleeps
(b) Where her headland home is located
(c) Her secret name
(d) Where she stores her food and weapons

8. How long does the earthquake last?
(a) All morning
(b) All night
(c) An hour
(d) A few minutes

9. Why does Karana not use her arrows to help Rontu in the meadow?
(a) The Aleuts are out of range.
(b) Rontu has the advantage, to disrupt would only mean another fight later.
(c) She has lost all but two.
(d) The gulls will swarm and kill her.

10. What does Karana do with the wounded sea otters that the Aleut hunters leave behind?
(a) She kills them and uses them for food.
(b) She leaves them to die on the shore.
(c) She kills them with her spear, so they won't suffer.
(d) She tries to push them back into the water.

11. What does Karana do when she no longer hears the man from the ship calling to her?
(a) She laughs because she wanted the man to leave.
(b) She begins to run toward where the man had been, shouting to him.
(c) She lights a signal fire.
(d) She pounds her fists on the ground and cries.

12. How long does it take to make a canoe trip around The Island of the Blue Dolphins?
(a) Two full days
(b) One full day
(c) Cannot be done, parts of the surf are too strong
(d) One week

13. Why does Karana name the yellow, wild dog Rontu-Aru?
(a) The name means daughter of Rontu.
(b) The wild dog reminds her of Rontu.
(c) The name honors Rontu.
(d) The dog looks so much like his father.

14. What does Karana see in Black Cave?
(a) Skeleton of a sea elephant
(b) Skeletons of wild dogs
(c) Skeletons of sea otters
(d) A seated human skeleton

15. What did Tainor and Lurai build their nest out of in the spring?
(a) Wild grass, kelp, and thin vines
(b) Dry seaweed, leaves, and hairs from Rontu's back
(c) Leaves, grass, and vines
(d) Seaweed, roots, and grass

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Karana catch Rontu's son?

2. Why does Karana attempt to catch a devilfish?

3. How does the island seem to Karana after Tutok leaves?

4. What does Karana do with the yellow, wild dog after she catches him?

5. What does Karana find when she goes to the tide pool to see Mon-a-nee after three days?

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