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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the beds of kelp close to the shore used for?
(a) The kelp often attracts the dolphins to swim closer to shore
(b) The kelp causes the sea otters to swim far from shore.
(c) Sea otters use the kelp to lie in the sun and sleep.
(d) They provide food for Ghalas-at village when fishing is poor

2. Why did the Russians come to Coral Cove?
(a) They came to settle in the village.
(b) They came to hunt sea otter and camp on the island.
(c) They came to take slaves back to their homeland.
(d) They came to take over the village and its resources.

3. Why is Karana putting a canoe in the water at Coral Cove?
(a) To spear a sea elephant
(b) To flee the loneliness of The Island of the Blue Dolphins
(c) To escape from attack of the wild dogs
(d) To spear a sea otter

4. Who is leaving alone in a skin canoe?
(a) Chief Kimki
(b) Chief Chowig
(c) The Girl with the Long Black Hair
(d) Ramo

5. What is Karana following across the small hills and a valley, club in hand?
(a) A group of men that came up from Coral Cove
(b) Nanko and Ramo and three wild dogs
(c) A pack of wild dogs
(d) Three men carrying the canoe away from Ghalas-at

6. Why does Ramo get up in the darkness and leave Ghalas-at alone?
(a) To hunt the wild dogs
(b) To surprise Karana by preparing the morning meal fit for a new chief
(c) To get a canoe hidden in Coral Cove
(d) He is angry with Karana

7. Who vainly packs earrings and blue clay into the luggage?
(a) Ulape
(b) Karana
(c) Matasaip
(d) The Girl with the Long Black Hair

8. Why does the night watchman sound the alarm in the village?
(a) Chief Kimka is paddling toward the Island of the Blue Dolphins.
(b) Wild dogs are ravaging the scarce food supply.
(c) There are men and a cook fire on the beach.
(d) He sees by the dawning light what he thinks is an Aleut ship.

9. What is Karana doing in the Ghalas-at village?
(a) Building a storage area to protect the food supply
(b) Preparing a house for when the villagers return home
(c) Keeping a regular night watch with the villagers
(d) Burning down all the houses

10. Why are the headlands the better choice for a house?
(a) It is quieter.
(b) The wild dogs will not come here.
(c) All of the Island of the Blue Dolphins can be seen from here.
(d) There is abundant fresh water.

11. How do the Ghalas-at tribesmen prepare for the confrontation with Captain Orlov?
(a) They leave all weapons in the village when they go to see the ship set sail.
(b) They carry only small knives as weapons.
(c) They trust Captain Orlov will keep the agreement, so they carry no weapons.
(d) They leave their place at the foot of the trail, moving forward, waiting, and watching Chief Chowig.

12. Why is Karana searching the beach sand at Coral Cove?
(a) Gathering stones for making spearheads
(b) Looking for the chest the Aleuts brought ashore
(c) Looking for live sea otter that wash ashore
(d) Gathering kelp to make body coverings

13. When the wild dogs are heard barking, who is being attacked?
(a) Nanko
(b) Chief of The Island of the Blue Dolphins
(c) Children of the Ghalas-at village
(d) Ramo

14. What do the villagers think about as they keep watch of the Aleut hunt from the cliffs?
(a) How exciting it will be when the Aleuts bring the women and children to settle here
(b) The dolphins off shore near the ship
(c) How much their lives have improved since the Aleuts came
(d) How much the catch means in beads and other things

15. Why are the villagers calmed after the alarm?
(a) A huge warship bypasses the Island of the Blue Dolphins.
(b) The wild dogs are finally driven off.
(c) The young warrior chief Kimka does not come onto the island.
(d) The ship has white sails rather than the red of the Aleuts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the reason Karana believes her father is defeated by Captain Orlov.

2. What awaits Karana upon her return to the cave?

3. Where does Chief Chowig dispatch several young men?

4. Why have white men come to the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

5. Who jumps overboard from the ship?

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