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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is swimming ahead of the canoe?
(a) Sea otters
(b) Nothing
(c) Three sea elephants with huge tusks
(d) Blue dolphins

2. What is slowing the construction of the house?
(a) Need to keep watch for ships
(b) Constant need to hunt for food
(c) Scarcity of useful wood
(d) Wild dogs

3. What do the villagers fear?
(a) The raging sea storms from the south.
(b) Losing to wreckage the few remaining skin canoes
(c) The water springs flooding parts of the village.
(d) Return of the Aleuts

4. What is Karana following across the small hills and a valley, club in hand?
(a) A pack of wild dogs
(b) Nanko and Ramo and three wild dogs
(c) A group of men that came up from Coral Cove
(d) Three men carrying the canoe away from Ghalas-at

5. What name does Ramo choose as he tells Karana he is a man and the tribal chief?
(a) Takes the name Chief Ramo
(b) Takes the name Chief Son of Chowig
(c) Takes the name Chief Tanyositlopai
(d) Takes the name Chief of The Island of the Blue Dolphins

6. Why does the night watchman sound the alarm in the village?
(a) Chief Kimka is paddling toward the Island of the Blue Dolphins.
(b) Wild dogs are ravaging the scarce food supply.
(c) He sees by the dawning light what he thinks is an Aleut ship.
(d) There are men and a cook fire on the beach.

7. How do the constant winds affect the land?
(a) They bring dolphins closer in to the beach.
(b) They make movement about the island quite difficult.
(c) They prevent the construction of any permanent shelters.
(d) They cause the hills to be polished smooth and the trees to be small and twisted

8. What is on the beach when Karana returns?
(a) The body of the young bull
(b) The bodies of two cows
(c) The body of the old bull
(d) The bodies of both the young and old bulls

9. What does the young male do that starts a fight?
(a) Takes another's spot in the sunshine
(b) Eats the fish that belongs to the others
(c) Moves toward the cows that belong to an old bull
(d) Mates with an older cow

10. What is a sai-sai?
(a) A small fish
(b) Flavorful drink made from kelp
(c) A stormy sunset
(d) A bland gruel made from kelp

11. What is the final deal that Chief Chowig accepts from Captain Orlov?
(a) One quarter of the catch
(b) Payment in gold for hunting off the coast of Coral Cove
(c) Three parts for the Chief and one part for Captain Orlov
(d) Equal parts of the hunting catch

12. What is the name of Karana's six year old brother?
(a) Orlov
(b) Ramo
(c) Chowig
(d) Ghalas-at

13. Why doesn't Karana go to the cliff to watch and count the catch each day?
(a) Because sea otters are her friends
(b) Because she might get hit by an Aleut spear
(c) Because her father forbids her
(d) Because the dolphin kill makes her angry

14. How do the sea otters affect humans?
(a) They are a nuisance to successful fishing close to shore.
(b) They are valuable to the Aleuts because of their thick, beautiful pelts.
(c) They are valuable to the Aleuts as a source for lamp oil.
(d) They are valuable as a food source.

15. What is Karana using to make a fence?
(a) Stones
(b) Driftwood
(c) Kelp
(d) Whale bones

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the shape of the island resemble when a person stands on a rise in the middle?

2. Why do the villagers need an escape plan?

3. What is the captain's name from the Aleutian ship?

4. Why are the headlands the better choice for a house?

5. Why is Karana searching the beach sand at Coral Cove?

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