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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does each person of Ghalas-at have two names?
(a) One name is a birth name and never used. The other is a magic name.
(b) The real name is only for family and the other for everyone else.
(c) The real name is secret so it doesn't lose its magic, and the other is the common name.
(d) One name is for visitors and the other for tribe use.

2. Who is the reason someone jumps overboard?
(a) Karana
(b) Matasaip
(c) Ramo
(d) Nanko

3. What does the young male do that starts a fight?
(a) Moves toward the cows that belong to an old bull
(b) Mates with an older cow
(c) Takes another's spot in the sunshine
(d) Eats the fish that belongs to the others

4. Why does Karana need to leave the shelter after five days?
(a) To gather some food
(b) To watch for the ship
(c) The fence is broken
(d) To go to the spring

5. What name does Ramo choose as he tells Karana he is a man and the tribal chief?
(a) Takes the name Chief Son of Chowig
(b) Takes the name Chief Ramo
(c) Takes the name Chief of The Island of the Blue Dolphins
(d) Takes the name Chief Tanyositlopai

6. How do the Ghalas-at tribesmen prepare for the confrontation with Captain Orlov?
(a) They leave all weapons in the village when they go to see the ship set sail.
(b) They carry only small knives as weapons.
(c) They trust Captain Orlov will keep the agreement, so they carry no weapons.
(d) They leave their place at the foot of the trail, moving forward, waiting, and watching Chief Chowig.

7. Why is Karana searching the beach sand at Coral Cove?
(a) Looking for the chest the Aleuts brought ashore
(b) Looking for live sea otter that wash ashore
(c) Gathering kelp to make body coverings
(d) Gathering stones for making spearheads

8. Why does the night watchman sound the alarm in the village?
(a) He sees by the dawning light what he thinks is an Aleut ship.
(b) Wild dogs are ravaging the scarce food supply.
(c) There are men and a cook fire on the beach.
(d) Chief Kimka is paddling toward the Island of the Blue Dolphins.

9. What is the reason for a fence at the new house?
(a) Karana has always wanted a fence.
(b) Keep out wild dogs.
(c) A windbreak during high wind storms
(d) Deter the red foxes that steal

10. What is the major topic of discussion about leaving Ghalas-at?
(a) The new skin canoes are less sea worthy than the old ones.
(b) Chief Chowig says the water at Ghalas-at has become polluted.
(c) The tuna and abalone stock is becoming depleted.
(d) Santa Catalina Island is far off and has very little water.

11. When the wild dogs are heard barking, who is being attacked?
(a) Chief of The Island of the Blue Dolphins
(b) Ramo
(c) Children of the Ghalas-at village
(d) Nanko

12. How do the Aleuts act as they prepare to leave the island?
(a) They are laughing as if they are happy to leave the island.
(b) They hate Captain Orlov and refuse to follow his directions.
(c) They empty one of the six chests.
(d) They do not carry weapons of any kind while on the beach.

13. What is the only thing that makes Karana sad?
(a) She loses her skirt of yucca fibers.
(b) The Island of the Blue Dolphins is the only place she has ever known.
(c) Ramo disobeys her.
(d) Ulape loves Nanko.

14. What do the villagers fear?
(a) The water springs flooding parts of the village.
(b) Losing to wreckage the few remaining skin canoes
(c) The raging sea storms from the south.
(d) Return of the Aleuts

15. What is the final deal that Chief Chowig accepts from Captain Orlov?
(a) Three parts for the Chief and one part for Captain Orlov
(b) Payment in gold for hunting off the coast of Coral Cove
(c) One quarter of the catch
(d) Equal parts of the hunting catch

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Karana need to hunt wild dogs?

2. What are the beds of kelp close to the shore used for?

3. Why does Chief Chowig advise the people not to visit the Aleut's camp?

4. What is Karana using to make a fence?

5. Where does a white puff of smoke come from?

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