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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who greets the large Russian man after he says that he comes in peace?
(a) Won-a-pa-lei
(b) Roma
(c) Ghalas-at
(d) Chief Chowig

2. What does Karana do before she climbs the ledge at the mouth of the cave?
(a) Makes three more arrows
(b) Lights a fire at the cave entrance
(c) Checks her drinking water
(d) Makes three more spears

3. How do the men of the village of Ghalas-at prepare for the coming ship?
(a) They all hide among the stones, afraid of the unwanted intruders.
(b) They carry their weapons down to the shore. Half the men stand at the edge of the water and half hide in the rocks ready to attack if necessary.
(c) They arm themselves, running to the shore to drive away the intruders.
(d) They run down to greet the ship, carrying goods to trade with the crew members.

4. What do the crew members of the ship do after it lands in Coral Cove?
(a) They attack the Ghalas-at village.
(b) Six men row to shore and one of them jumps out shouting.
(c) They bring gifts and trinkets to the people of the village.
(d) They offer strange foods to the village people.

5. What does the pack leader do when he exits the cave?
(a) Runs off by himself
(b) Runs to the head of the pack
(c) Runs back in to the cave
(d) Stares menacingly at Karana

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Chief Chowig dispatch several young men?

2. What does the shape of the island resemble when a person stands on a rise in the middle?

3. As a storm rages for six days, what is Karana doing?

4. What is the major topic of discussion about leaving Ghalas-at?

5. Why are the villagers calmed after the alarm?

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