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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Karana describe her brother's eyes?
(a) His eyes are as brown as the roots that grow on the island
(b) His eyes are as green as the sea with an intelligent look
(c) His eyes are bright blue like the dolphins and always wide open
(d) His eyes miss little. They are large and black like a lizard and often look sleepy

2. Why doesn't Karana go to the cliff to watch and count the catch each day?
(a) Because the dolphin kill makes her angry
(b) Because she might get hit by an Aleut spear
(c) Because sea otters are her friends
(d) Because her father forbids her

3. Why does Chief Kimki reverse his decision?
(a) The men resent the women being hunters, which is the work of men.
(b) Santa Catalina Island cannot be reached by just a single squad of men.
(c) The newly-made canoes can hold all the villagers and supplies.
(d) A large feast will wipe out the food presently held at the village.

4. What are the beds of kelp close to the shore used for?
(a) The kelp causes the sea otters to swim far from shore.
(b) Sea otters use the kelp to lie in the sun and sleep.
(c) They provide food for Ghalas-at village when fishing is poor
(d) The kelp often attracts the dolphins to swim closer to shore

5. What is the name of Karana's six year old brother?
(a) Ghalas-at
(b) Ramo
(c) Orlov
(d) Chowig

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Captain Orlov's reaction to Chief Chowig's refusal of one chest as payment?

2. What is the captain's name from the Aleutian ship?

3. What does the shape of the island resemble when a person stands on a rise in the middle?

4. Why does Chief Chowig advise the people not to visit the Aleut's camp?

5. How do the Aleuts act as they prepare to leave the island?

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