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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the final deal that Chief Chowig accepts from Captain Orlov?
(a) Three parts for the Chief and one part for Captain Orlov
(b) Equal parts of the hunting catch
(c) One quarter of the catch
(d) Payment in gold for hunting off the coast of Coral Cove

2. How do the men of the village of Ghalas-at prepare for the coming ship?
(a) They run down to greet the ship, carrying goods to trade with the crew members.
(b) They arm themselves, running to the shore to drive away the intruders.
(c) They all hide among the stones, afraid of the unwanted intruders.
(d) They carry their weapons down to the shore. Half the men stand at the edge of the water and half hide in the rocks ready to attack if necessary.

3. What do the villagers think about as they keep watch of the Aleut hunt from the cliffs?
(a) How much the catch means in beads and other things
(b) How much their lives have improved since the Aleuts came
(c) How exciting it will be when the Aleuts bring the women and children to settle here
(d) The dolphins off shore near the ship

4. Why don't Ulape and Karana throw rocks at the Aleuts from the cliff?
(a) They plan to tell the Aleuts to leave by sunrise.
(b) They are afraid of hitting a man of the village.
(c) They like Captain Orlov and don't want to hurt him.
(d) They want the Aleuts to stay on the island.

5. Where does Chief Chowig dispatch several young men?
(a) To make more spears
(b) To the Aleut camp with beads
(c) To the beach to watch the Aleuts so they couldn't sail away without paying the agreed price
(d) To the cliffs to watch for more Aleut ships

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the major topic of discussion about leaving Ghalas-at?

2. What is the name of Karana's six year old brother?

3. Why does each person of Ghalas-at have two names?

4. Why did the Russians come to Coral Cove?

5. How do the villagers know the Aleut ship is preparing to leave?

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