Island of the Blue Dolphins Fun Activities

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National Geographic Reporter

Pretend to be a National Geographic Reporter visiting the Island of the Blue Dolphins, taking photographs of the flora and fauna. Have them print pictures of the birds and flowers indigenous to the island. Write research information about each photograph in the form of an article for the magazine.

Map of the Island

Draw a map of the island including the location of Karana's various homes and hiding places.

Diorama of Karana's and Rontu's Home

Make a diorama of Karana's and Rontu's headland home. Include the bone fence, the yard, the tamed birds, etc.

Karana's Diary

Write a diary of Karana's time on the island beginning with the day she jumps from the white man's ship to return to her brother on the island. Make daily entries up to the time Karana leaves the island on the missionary's ship.

Rewrite the Final Chapter

Write a...

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