Island of the Blue Dolphins Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• Karana and her brother, Ramo see an Aleutian ship approaching the island.

• The men of Ghalas-at arm themselves, running down the trail to the shore to meet the ship.

• Half the men hide in the rocks, while the other half stand on shore.
• A Russian named Captain Orlov is in command of the Aleutian ship.

• The ship has forty men on board.

• Captain Orlov and the Aleutians come to the island to hunt sea otter and camp on the island.

Chapter 2

• The Island of the Blue Dolphins is two leagues long by one league wide.

• The island is shaped like a dolphin lying on its side.

• Karana's sister, Ulape, finds a school of bass stranded on a ledge, and the tribe collects them.

• Two Aleuts ask Chief Chowig for some of the fish. He tells them the tribe needs the fish.

Chapter 3

• Karana is angry that the...

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