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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 14 and 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is the baby Shanta is nursing?
(a) Eighteen months
(b) Eight months
(c) Thirteen months
(d) Six months

2. How does Susila compare the grief of her husband's passing?
(a) Like a black hole that sucks all joy from life
(b) Like a phantom limb that hurts even after being amputated
(c) It doesn't hurt after awhile, time heals all
(d) A steady pain, like a penance to remind her of him

3. How many passes did it take Andrew MacPhail to put the Raja to sleep?
(a) Two hundred and eight
(b) Two hundred and eleven
(c) Two hundred, fifteen
(d) One hundred, thirty seven

4. What does Susila do for Will?
(a) Talks about her trip to France
(b) Talks him into a trance-like sleep
(c) Brings him tea and scones
(d) Commiserates on the death of their spouses

5. What does the Rani believe will save humanity?
(a) Her pseudo religion "Cult of the Soul"
(b) A filleting of those who affront the will of God
(c) Her pseudo religion "Crusade of the Spirit"
(d) Homosexual tendencies

Short Answer Questions

1. What fruit does Susila compare Nirvana to?

2. Who comes to alert Susila about Lakshmi?

3. What does Part 2 state about people?

4. What language is the Service given in?

5. What does the boy gesture to Will?

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