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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is/are Murugan's top prioritie(s) as ruler of Pala?
(a) Militarization and industrialization
(b) To establish a dictatorship and become rich
(c) To find a way to persuade people to his will
(d) To turn Pala into a tourist trap

2. What does Mr. Bahu say about the Rani?
(a) That she makes a monumental impression
(b) That he hates her but wants to ride on her coattails for the money
(c) That the nurse should pay better attention to her patient than his visitors
(d) That she is a pompous prude

3. What is the first food Will eats on Pala?
(a) A coconut
(b) A pineapple
(c) A banana
(d) Fish

4. What does Mr. Bahu want to be paid to set up the deal for Lord Aldehyde?
(a) Ten times what Aldehyde is paying Will
(b) Half of what Aldehyde will be paying the Raja
(c) Five times what Aldehyde is paying Will
(d) Half of what Aldehyde is paying Will

5. How does Will feel about his marooning on Pala?
(a) He is lucky, that is where he had to go anyway
(b) He feels desolate as he is stuck there
(c) He is angry at the plane for crash landing him on Pala
(d) He feels lonely, as no one shares his life views here

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the title of the book the doctor gives to Will?

2. What does the doctor remind Will to do at 11?

3. Will meets the young man destined to be leader of Pala in the company of what man?

4. How many waves of invasion passed Pala by?

5. What does Part 2 state about people?

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