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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the tea Will is fed do, according to the nurse?
(a) Helps people to stop worrying
(b) It is a pain killer
(c) It is a sleeping draught
(d) It is a flavorful beverage to delight his palate

2. What does Mr. Bahu say the plague of the twentieth century is?
(a) AIDS
(b) Tuberculosis
(c) Cancer
(d) The Gray Life

3. Who was the Rani's master?
(a) Koos Hutti
(b) Koot Hoomit
(c) Koor Huumi
(d) Koot Hoomi

4. What is Dhyana?
(a) Relaxation
(b) Contemplation
(c) Mediation
(d) Vexation

5. How does the Rani view women?
(a) All women are to be servants of the men
(b) Beings to be used for pleasure
(c) Essentially holy
(d) All women are deceitful temptresses

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Will's boss?

2. What is the first thing Will does when he wakes up on Pala?

3. What does the little book state about faith?

4. How many reasons does Ranga have to dislike Mr. Badu?

5. What does Mr. Bahu say about the Rani?

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