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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Part 1 of the book state about religion?
(a) That all people are inherently evil and must be watched over by a tyrant god
(b) That to be eloquent about religion is to sully it
(c) All religions are equal and the same
(d) That the principals of every religion ought to be followed

2. What does the Rani believe will save humanity?
(a) Homosexual tendencies
(b) Her pseudo religion "Cult of the Soul"
(c) A filleting of those who affront the will of God
(d) Her pseudo religion "Crusade of the Spirit"

3. What is the title of the book the doctor gives to Will?
(a) Notes on Who's What, and on What it Might be Reasonable to Do to Them"
(b) "King Lear"
(c) "Notes on What's What, and on What it Might be Reasonable to Do About What's What"
(d) "Brave New World"

4. What does Appu's lover think of her mental state?
(a) She is completely neurotic
(b) She is slightly crazy
(c) She's a closet psychotic
(d) She is abnormally sane

5. What does Part 2 state about people?
(a) People who do good deeds are good people, but people can't be good all the time
(b) People who do good deeds are good people and this should be the foundation of their society
(c) That people are stupid and must be shepherded
(d) That people need to be watched at all times for signs of betrayal

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Will have an affair with?

2. What is the first culture difference Will perceives on this island?

3. What is Dhyana?

4. Does Murugan follow these practices?

5. What languages does the answer to #26 speak?

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