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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two things are supported by tax dollars?
(a) Healthcare and contraceptives
(b) Sanitation and Healthcare
(c) Healthcare and education
(d) Education and contraceptives

2. How is it that he fathered their child?
(a) Vijaya is Gobind's son
(b) He preformed the Yoga of Love with Shanta
(c) Virgin Birth and Speculation
(d) Deep Freeze and Artificial Insemination

3. Who is Muchalinda?
(a) The King of Sweden
(b) The King of Tigers
(c) The King of Spiders
(d) The King of Snakes

4. Where was Dr. Robert serving as a naturalist?
(a) In Turkey
(b) On the Melampus
(c) On the Nautilus
(d) On the Olympus

5. How long does Dr. Robert say that Will can stay on Pala?
(a) Four months
(b) Two weeks
(c) Six months
(d) One month

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Will want to stay on Pala?

2. What does Vijaya predict the average IQ will be on Pala in a century?

3. What is the major trouble for Pala?

4. Why did Shanta send Tom to talk to Vijaya?

5. What does Dipa want to do with Pala?

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