Island Character Descriptions

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William Asquith Farnaby

This character is both a journalist and front man that wakes marooned on an island.

Susila MacPhail

This person puts another character in a trance to recover from their injuries, and finds common ground in the patient who also lost a spouse.

Murugan Mailendra

This character is next in line to rule Pala.

The Rani

This character was once married to the ruler of Pala and is the parent of the soon to be king of Pala.

Dr. Robert MacPhail

The doctor who arrives and tends Will's injuries.

Mary Sarojini MacPhail

This is the little girl who first finds the protagonist when he wakes on Pala.


This character got in an accident following the request for divorce.

Vijaya Bhattacharya

This character is fluent in Palanese traditions and takes on the task of answering many of Will's questions.

Dugald MacPhail

This character was married to...

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