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Daniel Quinn
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Ishmael reticent about telling the narrator what he wants to know in Chapter 11?

2. How does Ishmael propose, in Chapter 7, to learn how they can find out for themselves how to live?

3. How does Ishmael characterize the law the narrator is looking for?

4. Why does the narrator say he feels a particular feeling after taking a few days off from his discussion with the narrator in Chapter 8?

5. What is a paean?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the gods wary of, in letting Adam have the knowledge of good and evil?

2. How does Ishmael characterize the experiment that is modern civilization?

3. How do Ishmael and the narrator say that culture changed when the agricultural revolution took place?

4. How does Ishmael characterize the work of competing for food in Taker culture?

5. What argument does the narrator offer for why the Takers’ culture is superior to the Leavers’?

6. How does Ishmael says man becomes man?

7. What reading does Ishmael give the Bible story of Cain and Abel?

8. What does the narrator say is the consequence of the Takers’ culture?

9. What does the narrator say is his chief objection to the Leavers’ lifestyle?

10. How does Ishmael say the Takers are fulfilling the story in which creation came to an end with them?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an evaluative review of Ishmael. What is this book’s place in culture? What are its uses? What are its limitations?

Essay Topic 2

What are the simliarities and differences between Ishmael and normal novels, with plots—with rising action, climax, falling action and a denoument? In what ways is the dialogue between Ishmael and the narrator typical of novels? In what ways is it un-novel-like? From a literary standpoint, is its uniqueness a benefit, or an oddity?

Essay Topic 3

Assess the proposition that Ishmael is a kunstlerroman, or the coming of age of an artist story, whose protagonist is the narrator. Is this a fair proposition? Why or why not? What changes does the narrator go through that might make this a coming of age story for his artistic persona?

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