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Daniel Quinn
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ishmael say happens to the Leavers that does not happen to the Takers?
(a) Their population shrinks
(b) They die when the gods say
(c) Their knowledge is jeopardized each generation
(d) They evolve

2. What does Ishmael say has been the result of the Takers’ interpretation of the law he and the narrator discuss in Chapter 8?
(a) To establish one or two just civilizations
(b) To bring the benefits of civilization to more people than ever
(c) To bring the world to its knees
(d) To produce a paradise on earth

3. According to Ishmael, which is NOT a ‘trick’ the gods played on the Takers?
(a) Neglecting to write down their laws for the benefit of men
(b) Failing to create man after a special fashion unique in nature
(c) Not exempting man from the laws that govern populations of animals and plants.
(d) Refusing to put the world in the center of the solar system and universe

4. How does the narrator characterize the work, in Taker culture, of killing off nature?
(a) Necessary
(b) Sacrilegious
(c) Holy
(d) Tragic

5. How does Ishmael say the aeronauts proceeded to learn to fly?
(a) By research and observation
(b) By controlled experiments
(c) By trial and error
(d) By following inspirations from their dreams

6. Why does the narrator have a hard time agreeing to Art Owens’ demands?
(a) He cannot put a price on his friendship with Ishmael
(b) He does not have the money
(c) He wants to be free of the whole business
(d) He dislikes Art Owens

7. What is the second thing that the narrator says the Takers do, which is not done in nature?
(a) Sell their produce
(b) Deny competitors access to food
(c) Turn killing into an abstract law
(d) Steal other animals’ food

8. What does Mr. Partridge tell the narrator when he inquires at the Sokolow house in Chapter 10?
(a) Where he can find Mrs. Sokolow
(b) Why the rent was cut off
(c) Where to find Ishmael
(d) That Mr. Sokolow’s daughter had died

9. Where does the narrator reunite with Ishmael in Chapter 10?
(a) In the woods
(b) At a carnival
(c) At a motel
(d) At another office building

10. What keeps the narrator from returning to Ishmael the next day, after discussing Adam and Eve?
(a) His work
(b) Car trouble
(c) Resistance to Ishmael’s teaching
(d) A visiting uncle

11. Why does the narrator say that he understands why Ishmael asked him to define the laws himself?
(a) Because he had to relinquish beliefs of his own, to see the laws
(b) Because Ishmael did not want him to be reliant upon him
(c) Because Ishmael wanted to get him accustomed to doing things for himself, for when Ishmael was no longer around
(d) Because if Ishmael had described them, he would not have thought them important

12. When does Ishmael say the event he put at 8,000 B.C. on his timeline ended?
(a) 2,000 A.D.
(b) 5,000 B.C.
(c) He says that it has not ended yet
(d) 500 B.C.

13. What does the narrator say is new about Ishmael’s expression at the beginning of Chapter 7?
(a) Twinkle-eyed playfulness
(b) A searching gaze
(c) Mocking raillery
(d) Gloominess

14. What is the narrator’s first strategy for reconnecting to Ishmael in Chapter 10?
(a) Finding Mrs. Sokolow
(b) Posting an ad
(c) Apologizing to him
(d) Driving around looking

15. What does the narrator talk to Art Owens about?
(a) The weather
(b) Buying Ishmael
(c) Improving Ishmael’s conditions
(d) Getting Ishmael a doctor

Short Answer Questions

1. What looming crisis does Ishmael imply will correct the ‘Takers’’ excesses?

2. How does Ishmael characterize the law the narrator is looking for?

3. What does the narrator say, in Chapter 8, he would be looking for?

4. What does the narrator say he feels when he takes a few days off from his discussion with Ishmael in Chapter 8?

5. In Chapter 12, how does Ishmael say man became man?

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