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Daniel Quinn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Ishmael say the Take population will contract?
(a) When the populace outstrips its food supply
(b) When it runs out of natural resources
(c) When the population bomb explodes
(d) When the earth rebels

2. What does Ishmael say made Germans captive under Hitler?
(a) Hitler’s story about the Aryan people
(b) Hitler’s international support
(c) Hitler’s charisma
(d) Hitler’s violence

3. What does Ishmael say he wants, in Chapter 4, when the narrator finally realizes the truth of what Ishmael has been talking about?
(a) Terror
(b) Gratitude
(c) Humility
(d) Astonishment

4. How does Ishmael define a story?
(a) A fiction that makes factual life possible
(b) A scenario interrelating man, the world and the gods
(c) A set of events aligned by a human experience of them
(d) A manifestation of the self seeking its center through experience

5. Why does the narrator say he reacts so violently to the ad in Chapter 1?
(a) Because he had never had any response when he ran similar ads himself
(b) Because he had always hoped to see an ad like this, but feels he had missed his chance
(c) Because he had once wanted to save the world
(d) Because he had once taught lessons in saving the world himself

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 12, how does Ishmael say man became man?

2. What does Ishmael say the Takers repudiated when they split from the Leavers?

3. What is the office building like, where the narrator answers the newspaper ad?

4. What observance does the narrator make to honor Ishmael at the end of the book?

5. What end does Ishmael say he foresees for the Takers’ culture?

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