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Daniel Quinn
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator characterize the end of the 1960s?
(a) As a movement that died in a crackdown
(b) As a cooptation by corporations
(c) As a dwindling to irrelevance
(d) As a fight that was defeated

2. How does Ishmael respond when the narrator says that he does not believe that he is part of a story?
(a) He says that belief is unimportant
(b) He says that belief is less important than action
(c) He says that belief is the beginning of resistance
(d) He says that it is easier to believe in more incredible things

3. Why does the narrator say he answers the newspaper ad?
(a) To see what he can learn
(b) To be part of the crowd
(c) To make sure that it is just a scam
(d) To see who else shows up

4. Why does the narrator have a hard time identifying the creation myth of his culture?
(a) Because creation myths are not myths to people who tell them
(b) Because he never took the religious classes where he would have learned it
(c) Because the creation myth is a mystical secret
(d) Because he has been blinded by a limiting ideology

5. Whose voice does Ishmael say the narrator is lulled by?
(a) Mother Nature
(b) Father Time
(c) God the Father
(d) Mother Culture

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the office building like, where the narrator answers the newspaper ad?

2. What does the narrator say the ad in Chapter 1 was looking for?

3. What is a koan?

4. How long ago did the Leavers’ story come into existence?

5. In Chapter 4, how does the narrator say men used to live before they became men?

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