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Theodora Kroeber
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Sheriff asks Ishi whether he would like to return to the Yahi world, why does Ishi decline?
(a) Ishi does not want the saldu to know where the Yahi lands are.
(b) Ishi is excited about the opportunity to explore.
(c) Ishi says the Yahi world no longer exists.
(d) Ishi does not trust the Sheriff to return him safely.

2. How does Ishi die?
(a) Among his friends at the museum.
(b) In a hospital room surrounded by his friends.
(c) Back at Tuliyani with Majapa and Maliwal.
(d) On the shores of Outer Ocean.

3. Why does Mother pour the water out of the baskets every evening?
(a) Pouring the water out will prevent bugs from gathering near the shelter.
(b) A basket of water will tempt a spirit to stay close by.
(c) Wild animals will be drawn to the water if it is left in the basket.
(d) Water left overnight will be harmful to the body.

4. According to Ishi, who should take the first salmon when they fish?
(a) Majapa.
(b) Maliwal.
(c) Ishi himself.
(d) The Spirits of the Old Ones.

5. What does Ishi share with Majapa as they sit on the bank of Banya Creek?
(a) His pipe and tobacco.
(b) His acorn mush.
(c) His deerskin blanket.
(d) His story about his Dream.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first saldu to speak to Ishi?

2. What offering does Majapa blow into the ocean before he and Ishi leave?

3. What is Ishi's visitor talking about when they are having tea?

4. Once Ishi realizes that his loved ones are no longer wandering, where does he decide to go?

5. Where does Ishi go when the summer gets too hot?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Ishi's friends show respect for him after his death?

2. How does Ishi's understanding of the war affect him?

3. How does spring bring new life to Ishi?

4. How does Ishi overcome his concern about bringing Majapa and Maliwal into the Yahi world?

5. Why does Ishi choose to return to the museum rather than stay in the Yahi world?

6. What does Ishi now believe about the saldu?

7. What details lead Ishi to believe that Elder Uncle and Tushi have not survived the escape?

8. How does Ishi discover a way of preserving the Yahi world?

9. Why is Ishi hesitant about bringing Majapa and Maliwal into the Yahi world?

10. What are Ishi's initial reactions to the City?

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