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Theodora Kroeber
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Mother done while Ishi has been out looking for Tushi and Elder Uncle?
(a) She has been weaving baskets.
(b) She has been praying.
(c) She has been sleeping all day.
(d) She has been gathering food from all of the plants that she could reach.

2. How much time has passed since Ishi's arrival in the City by "To the Edge of the World, Section 5?"
(a) Almost two weeks.
(b) About six months.
(c) Almost two months.
(d) Just over a year.

3. What offering does Majapa blow into the ocean before he and Ishi leave?
(a) Acorn flour.
(b) Cornmeal.
(c) Wheat flour.
(d) Tobacco.

4. Where does Ishi go in order to try to find traces of the Lost Ones?
(a) To Lookout Point.
(b) To all of the places that he and Tushi went to when they were children.
(c) To Ancestor Cave.
(d) To Tuliyani.

5. What does Ishi teach Maliwal in "To The Edge of the World, Section 7?"
(a) How to speak the Yahi language.
(b) How to catch fish using only his hands.
(c) How to walk quietly and cover his tracks.
(d) To make bow, arrows, and quiver and shoot the weapon.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Majapa, what makes the Greek world similar to the Yahi world?

2. What does Ishi believe is responsible for holding him to life?

3. What does the girl in the arroyo never do that Ishi finds unique?

4. What do Majapa and Maliwal scatter over the waves as their sacrifice?

5. Where does Majapa want Ishi to take him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Mother and Ishi support each other after they are separated from Elder Uncle and Tushi?

2. How do Ishi's friends show respect for him after his death?

3. How might Ishi's actions following Mother's death be described as a type of symbolic death?

4. How does Majapa comfort Maliwal after Ishi's death?

5. What does Ishi now believe about the saldu?

6. Why is it important for Ishi to teach Maliwal?

7. Why does the "friend" return Ishi's quiver and knife to him?

8. What details lead Ishi to believe that Elder Uncle and Tushi have not survived the escape?

9. What is Ishi searching for when he travels throughout the Yahi world?

10. Why does Ishi decide to go to the museum with the Stranger?

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