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Theodora Kroeber
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "To the Edge of the World, Section 11," what does Ishi understand now about the saldu?
(a) There are many kinds of saldu, some kind and some cruel.
(b) He will never truly understand the saldu.
(c) He cannot completely trust any of the saldu.
(d) He lives with the saldu, but will never truly belong there.

2. What wakes Ishi in the morning in "To the Edge of the World, Section 2?"
(a) The barking of saldu dogs.
(b) The voices of two men fighting in the street.
(c) The Sheriff opening the door.
(d) The voice of the Monster (the train).

3. What does Majapa show to Ishi after breakfast?
(a) A collection of books on ancient cultures.
(b) The different rooms in the museum and their uses.
(c) The Outer Ocean.
(d) The museum's collection of bows and arrows.

4. Why is Ishi concerned about Tushi and Elder Uncle when he gets to the creek?
(a) They are both very sick when he finds them.
(b) The saldu now know the trail that they had taken.
(c) He hopes they are not angry with him for not being prepared.
(d) The rain has been heavy, so the creek is high and muddy.

5. Whose Dream do Ishi and the others follow as they travel into the Yahi world?
(a) Tushi's Dream.
(b) Majapa's Dream.
(c) Maliwal's Dream.
(d) Ishi's Dream.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ishi teach Maliwal in "To The Edge of the World, Section 7?"

2. Where do Ishi and Mother move after Tushi and Elder Uncle disappear?

3. What is inside the package that the expressman delivers?

4. What museum items does Majapa take Ishi to see on his second day in the city?

5. What does Ishi share with Majapa as they sit on the bank of Banya Creek?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it important for Ishi to teach Maliwal?

2. What details lead Ishi to believe that Elder Uncle and Tushi have not survived the escape?

3. How does Ishi discover a way of preserving the Yahi world?

4. How does Majapa comfort Maliwal after Ishi's death?

5. How are the men at the museum different from other saldu that Ishi has observed?

6. How is the Stranger who visits Ishi different from the other saldu he has met?

7. Why is Ishi hesitant about bringing Majapa and Maliwal into the Yahi world?

8. How might Ishi's actions following Mother's death be described as a type of symbolic death?

9. Why does Ishi decide to go to the museum with the Stranger?

10. How does Ishi's understanding of the war affect him?

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