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Theodora Kroeber
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the Yahi creation story, how did creation begin?
(a) The Great gods simply called the earth forth to assemble it into landforms and waterways.
(b) The earth fell from the heavens, fully formed.
(c) The Great gods cracked open an egg, and the parts settled to become different parts of the earth.
(d) The Great gods dragged the uncreated world up from the bottom of the Outer Ocean.

2. How does Ishi think his mother feels when he sees that she is wearing her sweetgrass bracelet?
(a) Ishi thinks that his mother feels lonely.
(b) Ishi thinks his mother is angry.
(c) Ishi thinks his mother feels sad.
(d) Ishi thinks his mother is happy.

3. Why do Elder Uncle and Ishi shoot the young buck rather than the old leader of the elk herd?
(a) Ishi and Elder Uncle are not skilled enough to kill the old elk.
(b) The young buck is closer to them and easier to take.
(c) Elder Uncle observes that the herd would be lost without the old buck.
(d) Elder Uncle suggests that the old buck would give tough meat.

4. Why does Timawi carry the elk antlers on his head?
(a) The antlers are so heavy that he rests them on top of his own head.
(b) Ishi had asked him to do this as a signal that the hunt had been successful.
(c) It is a Yahi tradition that gives thanks to the gods.
(d) He wants to trick Ishi into thinking that an elk is approaching.

5. What advice does Ishi give Timawi after Timawi suggests that they can force the saldu out of the Bushki village?
(a) He says nothing, but hopes that Timawi will forget about the idea.
(b) He suggests that they sleep on it and discuss the issue tomorrow.
(c) He suggests that Timawi is thinking with his heart and not his brain.
(d) He suggests that they plan a late night attack on the saldu cabin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ishi decide to seek when he leaves Tuliyani?

2. After the deaths of Grandfather and Grandmother, what name does Ishi use to refer to himself and the remaining Yahi?

3. What advice does Elder Uncle give to the tribe after Timawi expresses his anger with Ishi for letting the saldu escape?

4. According to Grandfather, why must a bow never be left standing?

5. Why does Timawi insist that Tushi must go with him to his village?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Ishi's bow important for his development into manhood?

2. How does Ishi know what to do with Timawi's body after he finds him dead in the woods?

3. What does Ishi discover when he returns to the village after he moves Mother?

4. What assurance does Grandmother offer to Mother and Tushi after she realizes they have been crying over her approaching death?

5. How do Elder Uncle and Grandfather begin to prepare Ishi for manhood in Section 5 of "The Moon Seasons?"

6. Where does Ishi decide to go on his journey?

7. How do the saldu treat Ishi's village when they discover it?

8. What assurance does Ishi give to Timawi when Timawi observes that Tushi prefers Ishi's company?

9. What details about the Harvest Feast suggest that Ishi and his family are the last of their tribe?

10. What comment does Grandfather make regarding Ishi's eating after he returns from his journey?

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