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Theodora Kroeber
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ishi not take the basket of Tushi's that Majapa offers him?
(a) He says that he wants nothing to do with the old life.
(b) He says that it is a part of the museum's treasures and belongs there.
(c) It brings too many sad memories for him.
(d) It was not one of her best pieces of work.

2. According to Majapa, why had he and his friend come to the Yahi world after the heat moons?
(a) They wanted to find and help Ishi and his mother.
(b) They were hunting for elk.
(c) They were looking for more artifacts for the museum.
(d) They wanted to learn more about the geography of the area.

3. Who is the first saldu to speak to Ishi?
(a) The slaughterhouse foreman.
(b) The Stranger brought by the Sheriff.
(c) The Sheriff.
(d) One of the men holding back the dogs.

4. What do Majapa and Maliwal scatter over the waves as their sacrifice?
(a) Cornmeal.
(b) Barley meal.
(c) Acorn meal.
(d) Sacred tobacco.

5. What does the Golden Gate headland remind Ishi of?
(a) Waganupa.
(b) Lookout Point.
(c) Wowunupo.
(d) Black Rock.

6. For what is Ishi looking when he goes to the mountain?
(a) The saldu village.
(b) The spirits of Tushi, Mother, and Elder Uncle.
(c) A house of flint in which to live.
(d) The Outer Ocean.

7. Why does Ishi burn off his hair?
(a) He falls asleep too close to the fire.
(b) As a man, he must keep his hair short.
(c) He believes that it will keep the saldu away.
(d) It is a sign of mourning for the family members that have died.

8. Where does Ishi go when needs to get away from the museum after his discussion with Majapa about the war?
(a) To Golden Gate.
(b) To Outer Ocean.
(c) To the park.
(d) To his room.

9. How long do Ishi and his friends stay in the Yahi world?
(a) About six months.
(b) Over four months.
(c) Almost two weeks.
(d) Almost two months.

10. Why does Ishi carefully untie the string rather than cut them?
(a) It is good string and could be used again.
(b) Ishi has nothing with which to cut the string.
(c) Majapa has warned him never to cut string.
(d) Ishi believes cutting string is bad luck.

11. According to Ishi, who should take the first salmon when they fish?
(a) The Spirits of the Old Ones.
(b) Maliwal.
(c) Majapa.
(d) Ishi himself.

12. Why does Ishi give the enclosed note to Majapa?
(a) Ishi does not realize that the note is for him.
(b) Ishi does not know how to read, so he asks Majapa to read the note.
(c) Majapa asks Ishi if he can read the note.
(d) Ishi is overwhelmed by the package and does not want to read the note.

13. Where does Ishi go when he feels homesick?
(a) To his workroom.
(b) To Golden Gate.
(c) To Outer Ocean.
(d) To Sutro Forest.

14. When is a Yahi allowed to kill and eat Porcupine?
(a) Only when Porcupine is in the Yahi village.
(b) Only if a Yahi is starving and has lost his bow and arrows and harpoon.
(c) Only when the Yahi is in mourning.
(d) Only if the Porcupine is threatening a Yahi.

15. What does Majapa show to Ishi after breakfast?
(a) A collection of books on ancient cultures.
(b) The Outer Ocean.
(c) The museum's collection of bows and arrows.
(d) The different rooms in the museum and their uses.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ishi go in order to try to find traces of the Lost Ones?

2. What does Tushi's basket smell like to Ishi?

3. What does Ishi find in the mud along the banks of the river?

4. For how many days do Majapa and Maliwal go to Outer Ocean to offer prayers and sacrifices for Ishi's spirit?

5. What does Ishi think of the notebooks that Majapa shows him?

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