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Theodora Kroeber
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Elder Uncle and Ishi shoot the young buck rather than the old leader of the elk herd?
(a) Elder Uncle observes that the herd would be lost without the old buck.
(b) Ishi and Elder Uncle are not skilled enough to kill the old elk.
(c) The young buck is closer to them and easier to take.
(d) Elder Uncle suggests that the old buck would give tough meat.

2. How soon does Elder Uncle suggest that they move to the cave?
(a) After the frogs stop singing.
(b) After the warm weather returns in the spring.
(c) Before the fall of the first snow.
(d) Before the end of the next Harvest Moons.

3. Why do Elder Uncle and Ishi spend time observing the elk?
(a) They are trying to learn to imitate the elk call.
(b) They think the elk may be difficult to kill and are deciding how to hunt it.
(c) They are in awe of its beauty and strength.
(d) They are trying to decide what kind of animal the elk is.

4. Why do Ishi and his family smile when they hear the rush and roar of the wind coming down the canyon?
(a) They know that they winds are the spirits of Yahi ancestors.
(b) They know that the winds will destroy the saldu settlement.
(c) They know that the winds will drive the animals down into the canyon.
(d) They know that the winds mean that spring has arrived.

5. How are the mountain fish that Timawi and Ishi catch different from the fish in the canyon?
(a) The mountain fish move more slowly and are easier to catch.
(b) The mountain fish are larger than and not as flavorful as the canyon fish.
(c) The mountain fish are smaller and richer than the canyon fish.
(d) The mountain fish are poisonous.

6. How does Ishi think his mother feels when he sees that she is wearing her sweetgrass bracelet?
(a) Ishi thinks his mother is happy.
(b) Ishi thinks that his mother feels lonely.
(c) Ishi thinks his mother feels sad.
(d) Ishi thinks his mother is angry.

7. How many days pass between the time that Ishi and Timawi leave and Ishi's return to Tuliyani?
(a) Eight days and eight nights.
(b) Two full months.
(c) Two weeks.
(d) Nine days and nine nights.

8. How does Elder Uncle purify Ishi of any danger that might have followed him from the spirit world?
(a) He blows sacred tobacco over him and says prayers.
(b) He burns sage and prays over him.
(c) He orders him to take a sweat bath.
(d) He tells him to go to Black Rock and talk to Timawi's spirit.

9. How does Mother respond to the cave after she sees it?
(a) She stands up very tall and says, "Let's get moving."
(b) She smiles and says, "I like it."
(c) She says nothing but gets right to work cleaning.
(d) She frowns and says, "We'll make it work."

10. Why do Ishi and Timawi choose not to chop the branch off the tree?
(a) They forgot to bring along their ax.
(b) They are not allowed to chop wood until they are older.
(c) The noise of chopping would attract the attention of the saldu.
(d) Yahi tradition dictates that the branch must be taken with only knives and rasps.

11. What does Elder Uncle tell Ishi to seek when he leaves Tuliyani?
(a) The old villages and caves from Grandfather's stories.
(b) A prayer-place so that he might dream a Power Dream.
(c) Guidance from the gods to help him find a wife.
(d) Revenge for the death of his father.

12. How does Ishi cleanse himself after visiting the places of burial and danger on his journey?
(a) He bathes in the river and dries himself near a ritual fire.
(b) He takes a sweat bath, swims in Yuna Creek, and says purification prayers.
(c) He sings and dances to the gods.
(d) He fasts and prays for several days.

13. How does Timawi respond to Elder Uncle's suggestion that he teach Ishi about what he had done wrong?
(a) Timawi takes the request seriously and promises to be a good teacher.
(b) Timawi is flattered by Elder Uncle's request and agrees.
(c) Timawi is refuses to help with the search or to teach Ishi.
(d) Timawi is ashamed and refuses "to teach or to boast."

14. What advice does Elder Uncle give to the tribe after Timawi expresses his anger with Ishi for letting the saldu escape?
(a) Timawi is an outsider and has no right to express his opinion.
(b) They should find a new place for hiding.
(c) They should not let their fear and anger turn them against one other.
(d) Everyone makes mistakes, and they should forgive others.

15. What makes Ishi's new look out point better than Black Rock?
(a) He can see the entire village from the lookout point.
(b) It is farther from the village and gives him more privacy.
(c) It is closer to the village and closer to the Monster.
(d) He can see the Monster much more clearly than he could at Black Rock.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the story that Grandfather tells, where did the old woman hide the fire that she had stolen from the Fire People?

2. What advice does Ishi give Timawi after Timawi suggests that they can force the saldu out of the Bushki village?

3. How does Ishi attempt to hide Mother from the saldu who enter the village?

4. Why do the Yahi no longer spend the summer on the mountain?

5. What advice does Elder Uncle give Ishi and Timawi regarding the saldu?

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