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Theodora Kroeber
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mother think the kind saldu wanted to do?
(a) To change her bandages.
(b) To offer her some water.
(c) To find some food for her.
(d) To carry her somewhere.

2. Why do the Yahi no longer spend the summer on the mountain?
(a) Elder Uncle is afraid that they will be discovered by the saldu.
(b) The summers are no longer as hot, so the move is unnecessary.
(c) The gods have sent signs that the Yahi should not move from their village.
(d) The family has grown attached to Tuliyani and do not want to move.

3. What advice does Elder Uncle give Ishi and Timawi regarding the saldu?
(a) Train faithfully and look for an opportunity to seek revenge.
(b) Forgive them and offer them peace.
(c) Study them and learn their ways.
(d) Do not think about the saldu; avoid them in thought and action.

4. Where do Ishi and Elder Uncle go to hunt?
(a) Back to Tuliyani.
(b) Three Knolls.
(c) Mount Waganupo.
(d) To Badger Creek.

5. What prediction does Mother make about the New Year?
(a) She says that she will walk into the New Year on her own feet.
(b) She says that all of the saldu will have left by the New Year.
(c) She says that it will be the most prosperous New Year they have ever seen.
(d) She says that she will not make it to see the New Year.

6. Why does Mother allow Tushi to go with Ishi to the beaver den?
(a) Since Timawi is ill, Ishi will need someone else to help him.
(b) Tushi has begged to go, and Mother is tired of arguing with her.
(c) Since Ishi would not be hunting, Tushi could accompany him.
(d) Tushi has shown herself to be as successful a hunter as Ishi.

7. What signs of mourning is Ishi wearing when he returns to Tuliyani?
(a) Ishi is barefoot and shirtless.
(b) His hair is burned off close to his head and black stripes are painted on his face.
(c) He is wearing the traditional necklace of mourning.
(d) Ishi's head is covered with a deer pelt.

8. How does Ishi know that the saldu have made it to the ledge of their village?
(a) He hears their knives cutting through the brush.
(b) He can smell them approaching.
(c) He has had a dream that warned him of this.
(d) He can see them from the top of the pine tree.

9. Why does Ishi shoot the hat off the saldu who is climbing up the trail?
(a) He does not want to kill anyone unless he is forced to.
(b) He sees the color of the hat and mistakes it for an animal.
(c) He cannot see through the brush, so he is not able to aim.
(d) He is so nervous that he cannot take aim.

10. What reason does Timawi give to explain why it is acceptable to steal saldu food?
(a) The saldu hunt Yahi food, so they might as well eat saldu food.
(b) The saldu do not live according to the Way, so their possessions do not belong to them.
(c) The saldu have so much that they will never notice the loss of a couple of lambs.
(d) The saldu have taken Yahi lives and land, so they owe the Yahi at least a little food.

11. Why does Ishi release the rabbit that he catches while he is out collecting lichen?
(a) Ishi thinks the rabbit is too cute to eat.
(b) Somehow, the rabbit reminds Ishi of Tushi.
(c) The rabbit appears to be as hungry and weak as he and his family.
(d) The rabbit came because it was curious, not because Ishi had been hunting.

12. What is the purpose of the sticks that Ishi makes for Elder Uncle?
(a) They are for a game that Elder Uncle and Mother play.
(b) They are for making music.
(c) They are walking sticks.
(d) They are weapons to protect him from saldu and animals.

13. From what kind of tree does Ishi cut the branch for his bow?
(a) A juniper tree.
(b) An aspen tree.
(c) A hawthorn tree.
(d) A pine tree.

14. What is Tushi collecting while Ishi counts Beaver?
(a) Ferns.
(b) Boadicea bulbs.
(c) Acorns.
(d) Wild berries.

15. What is covering the mouth of the cave when they arrive?
(a) A large rock.
(b) Large planks of wood.
(c) Poison oak.
(d) Honeysuckle vines.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Tushi spread black raspberries and manzanita berries onto mats?

2. What does the saldu intend to do with Tushi?

3. What is Ishi's reward for constructing a superb bow?

4. Ishi learns to stay awake for how many nights?

5. How are the mountain fish that Timawi and Ishi catch different from the fish in the canyon?

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