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Theodora Kroeber
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What signs of mourning is Ishi wearing when he returns to Tuliyani?
(a) Ishi's head is covered with a deer pelt.
(b) His hair is burned off close to his head and black stripes are painted on his face.
(c) Ishi is barefoot and shirtless.
(d) He is wearing the traditional necklace of mourning.

2. According to Grandfather, why must a bow never be left standing?
(a) It will sweat and become weak; the bow needs rest just like the hunter.
(b) It is a bad omen and will attract evil spirits.
(c) It may be knocked over and broken.
(d) It is too easily seen by the enemy and will be attacked.

3. By the time that Ishi and Tushi see the saldu at the marsh, how long have the Yahi been in hiding?
(a) Fourteen years.
(b) Nine moon cycles (nine months).
(c) Six turnings of the moon (six months).
(d) Seven turnings of the moon (or seven years).

4. Where do Ishi and Elder Uncle go to hunt?
(a) Three Knolls.
(b) Mount Waganupo.
(c) Back to Tuliyani.
(d) To Badger Creek.

5. What reason does Timawi give to explain why it is acceptable to steal saldu food?
(a) The saldu do not live according to the Way, so their possessions do not belong to them.
(b) The saldu have taken Yahi lives and land, so they owe the Yahi at least a little food.
(c) The saldu hunt Yahi food, so they might as well eat saldu food.
(d) The saldu have so much that they will never notice the loss of a couple of lambs.

6. What does Tushi suggest the gray pine actually is?
(a) The Guardian of Wowunupo.
(b) The Sky Pole.
(c) The beginning of the Trail to the Land of the Dead.
(d) Grandfather's spirit tree.

7. What worries Ishi when he sees the saldu stop at Black Rock?
(a) He remembers that he set a trap line there, and they might discover the Yahi if they find it.
(b) He is afraid that they might be able to see him up on top of Black Rock.
(c) He is concerned they are going in the direction of Tuliyani.
(d) He is worried that they will hunt too many deer and leave none for his family.

8. According to the Yahi creation story, from what were the first humans created?
(a) From buckeye sticks and smoke blown from a stone pipe.
(b) From the parts of an egg.
(c) From stones tossed over the shoulder of a god.
(d) From the clay of the earth.

9. According to the Yahi creation story, how did creation begin?
(a) The earth fell from the heavens, fully formed.
(b) The Great gods dragged the uncreated world up from the bottom of the Outer Ocean.
(c) The Great gods cracked open an egg, and the parts settled to become different parts of the earth.
(d) The Great gods simply called the earth forth to assemble it into landforms and waterways.

10. What purpose is served by the pinecones that come from the gray pine?
(a) They use them to trap squirrels.
(b) They use the pine resin to repair the roof of the shelter.
(c) They eat the pine nuts and use the cones as fuel for the fire.
(d) The pinecones serve no practical purpose.

11. What is the purpose of the sticks that Ishi makes for Elder Uncle?
(a) They are for a game that Elder Uncle and Mother play.
(b) They are weapons to protect him from saldu and animals.
(c) They are for making music.
(d) They are walking sticks.

12. Where does Tushi say she will keep the sweetgrass bracelet that Timawi made for her?
(a) In the woman's shelter.
(b) With her treasures.
(c) In Mother's treasure bundle.
(d) She will wear it.

13. Why are Ishi and Tushi convinced that the saldu will discover them if they try to move now?
(a) Mother is not able to walk, so they would not be able to move quickly or quietly.
(b) The ground is covered with snow, so their tracks would be visible.
(c) There are just too many saldu that they would not be able to avoid them.
(d) They are so upset that they would not be able to think clearly.

14. Why does Ishi retrieve his arrow from the tree into which he had misfired?
(a) He is embarrassed that someone will see it and know that his first shot missed.
(b) It takes a lot of work to make an arrow, and the arrowhead is treasured.
(c) He wants to keep it as a memento of his first deer.
(d) He does not want any saldu to see it and suspect that there are Yahi nearby.

15. What is Ishi's reward for constructing a superb bow?
(a) He gets to stay in the men's house.
(b) He is served the first bowl of salmon at dinner.
(c) He gets to shoot the first deer of the New Year.
(d) He gets a new quiver of arrows.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disturbing news does Ishi decide to keep from Timawi regarding Timawi's old village?

2. What is difficult about the shot that Ishi had taken at the saldu on horseback?

3. According to Elder Uncle, why is a bow better than a trap?

4. Why does Ishi release the rabbit that he catches while he is out collecting lichen?

5. Why does Timawi carry the elk antlers on his head?

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