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Theodora Kroeber
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Timawi respond to Elder Uncle's suggestion that he teach Ishi about what he had done wrong?
(a) Timawi is flattered by Elder Uncle's request and agrees.
(b) Timawi is refuses to help with the search or to teach Ishi.
(c) Timawi is ashamed and refuses "to teach or to boast."
(d) Timawi takes the request seriously and promises to be a good teacher.

2. Why do Elder Uncle and Ishi spend time observing the elk?
(a) They are trying to decide what kind of animal the elk is.
(b) They are trying to learn to imitate the elk call.
(c) They are in awe of its beauty and strength.
(d) They think the elk may be difficult to kill and are deciding how to hunt it.

3. Why do Ishi and Timawi have little fear of the saldu during the cold winter?
(a) The gods protect the Yahi during the winter.
(b) The saldu do not ride the trails when they are covered in ice.
(c) Ishi and Timawi believe that the saldu hibernate like the bear.
(d) They could easily track any of the saldu through the snow.

4. Why does Ishi not like the Green Cave?
(a) Ishi was once attacked by a bear at Green Cave.
(b) The bones of many Yahi are buried in the cave.
(c) Grandfather has told him that evil spirits live in the cave.
(d) It is dark and full of unknown creatures.

5. What returns to Ishi after he discovers Lookout Point?
(a) His confidence as a hunter.
(b) His Dream.
(c) His ability to carve a strong bow.
(d) His memories of his father.

6. After Ishi returns from his journey, what does he notice about Timawi?
(a) Timawi is happy to see Ishi return.
(b) Timawi is not happy and keeps to himself.
(c) Timawi treats him as more of an equal.
(d) Timawi is restless and ready to go on his own journey.

7. How does Elder Uncle purify Ishi of any danger that might have followed him from the spirit world?
(a) He burns sage and prays over him.
(b) He tells him to go to Black Rock and talk to Timawi's spirit.
(c) He orders him to take a sweat bath.
(d) He blows sacred tobacco over him and says prayers.

8. How many days pass between the time that Ishi and Timawi leave and Ishi's return to Tuliyani?
(a) Two full months.
(b) Eight days and eight nights.
(c) Two weeks.
(d) Nine days and nine nights.

9. Why does Timawi insist that Tushi must go with him to his village?
(a) Among his people, it is tradition for the woman to move to the man's village.
(b) Timawi does not feel welcome in Tuliyani and wants to return home.
(c) Timawi does not believe that Tushi will truly be a wife unless she leaves her family.
(d) Timawi is jealous of Ishi and wants Tushi to get away from him.

10. Why does Ishi shoot the hat off the saldu who is climbing up the trail?
(a) He cannot see through the brush, so he is not able to aim.
(b) He sees the color of the hat and mistakes it for an animal.
(c) He is so nervous that he cannot take aim.
(d) He does not want to kill anyone unless he is forced to.

11. How soon does Elder Uncle suggest that they move to the cave?
(a) After the warm weather returns in the spring.
(b) Before the fall of the first snow.
(c) After the frogs stop singing.
(d) Before the end of the next Harvest Moons.

12. How does Ishi cleanse himself after visiting the places of burial and danger on his journey?
(a) He sings and dances to the gods.
(b) He bathes in the river and dries himself near a ritual fire.
(c) He takes a sweat bath, swims in Yuna Creek, and says purification prayers.
(d) He fasts and prays for several days.

13. According to Grandmother, when did she first meet Ishi's mother?
(a) When Ishi's father brought her home as his wife.
(b) When Mother was first born.
(c) When Mother was Tushi's age.
(d) After Ishi was born.

14. Why does Tushi spread black raspberries and manzanita berries onto mats?
(a) She is feeding the forest animals.
(b) It is an offering for the Spirits.
(c) She is inspecting them before she brings them home.
(d) She is drying them.

15. What reason does Timawi give to explain why it is acceptable to steal saldu food?
(a) The saldu hunt Yahi food, so they might as well eat saldu food.
(b) The saldu have so much that they will never notice the loss of a couple of lambs.
(c) The saldu have taken Yahi lives and land, so they owe the Yahi at least a little food.
(d) The saldu do not live according to the Way, so their possessions do not belong to them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice does Elder Uncle give to the tribe after Timawi expresses his anger with Ishi for letting the saldu escape?

2. How does Mother respond to the cave after she sees it?

3. How long is Ishi away looking for a new location for the village?

4. How do Ishi and Timawi lose the sheep that they steal?

5. What does Ishi decide to seek when he leaves Tuliyani?

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