Ishi: Last of His Tribe Short Essay - Answer Key

Theodora Kroeber
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1. Why does Ishi go the Black Rock?

Ishi likes to go to Black Rock because he thinks of it as "his" place. From his vantage point overlooking the valley, he can watch the mists burn off and watch the "Monster" (the train) travel across the valley.

2. How is Ishi's relationship with Timawi similar to his relationship with Tushi?

Ishi looks up to Timawi and wants to be like him. He mimics his ways and listens to what he has to say. In the same way, Tushi looks up to Ishi and tries to follow his example.

3. What details about the Harvest Feast suggest that Ishi and his family are the last of their tribe?

The Harvest Feast is obviously an important celebration because the family indulges in an abundant meal, they sing and dance and the women wear special clothing. However, in spite of the fact that this is an important occasion, the seven members of the family celebrate alone. No other Indian families join them in this feast, which suggests that there are no other Yahi around.

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