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Theodora Kroeber
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through To the Edge of the World Section 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ishi not tell Elder Uncle or Mother about his visits to Black Rock?
(a) If he tells them, they will want to go with him.
(b) Ishi is afraid that they would make fun of him.
(c) They have told him repeatedly not to go there.
(d) He knows they would worry, and they already have enough to worry about.

2. According to Ishi, what ruins the oatmeal at breakfast?
(a) The lumps.
(b) The raisins that were mixed in.
(c) It has too much salt.
(d) The cow's milk.

3. What is contained in the notebooks that Majapa shows to Ishi?
(a) Sketches of Ishi making arrows and arrowheads.
(b) A collection of Yahi words, maps, and stories.
(c) Notes that Maliwal has made about his time with Ishi.
(d) Lists of all of the Yahi artifacts in the museum.

4. Once Ishi realizes that his loved ones are no longer wandering, where does he decide to go?
(a) To Three Knolls.
(b) Back to Wowunupo.
(c) To Ancestor Cave.
(d) To the Land of the Dead.

5. What signs of mourning is Ishi wearing when he returns to Tuliyani?
(a) His hair is burned off close to his head and black stripes are painted on his face.
(b) Ishi's head is covered with a deer pelt.
(c) He is wearing the traditional necklace of mourning.
(d) Ishi is barefoot and shirtless.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the Yahi creation story, from what were the first humans created?

2. What does Ishi believe is responsible for holding him to life?

3. What is Ishi looking for when he wanders into the saldu village?

4. How many days pass between the time that Ishi and Timawi leave and Ishi's return to Tuliyani?

5. How much time has passed at the beginning of The Cave section?

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