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Theodora Kroeber
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through To the Edge of the World Section 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Tushi spread black raspberries and manzanita berries onto mats?
(a) She is feeding the forest animals.
(b) She is drying them.
(c) She is inspecting them before she brings them home.
(d) It is an offering for the Spirits.

2. How does Mother respond to the cave after she sees it?
(a) She stands up very tall and says, "Let's get moving."
(b) She says nothing but gets right to work cleaning.
(c) She smiles and says, "I like it."
(d) She frowns and says, "We'll make it work."

3. What advice does Ishi give Timawi after Timawi suggests that they can force the saldu out of the Bushki village?
(a) He suggests that they sleep on it and discuss the issue tomorrow.
(b) He says nothing, but hopes that Timawi will forget about the idea.
(c) He suggests that Timawi is thinking with his heart and not his brain.
(d) He suggests that they plan a late night attack on the saldu cabin.

4. What does Ishi search for in the river?
(a) Elder Uncle's walking sticks.
(b) The items that were stolen from the cave.
(c) Tushi's necklace.
(d) The bodies of Tushi and Elder Uncle.

5. According to Grandfather, why must a bow never be left standing?
(a) It will sweat and become weak; the bow needs rest just like the hunter.
(b) It is a bad omen and will attract evil spirits.
(c) It is too easily seen by the enemy and will be attacked.
(d) It may be knocked over and broken.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the crowd of saldu react to Ishi when he tries to speak to them?

2. From Tuliyani, which direction is the Trail to the Land of the Dead?

3. How tall is Black Rock?

4. What advice does Elder Uncle give to the tribe after Timawi expresses his anger with Ishi for letting the saldu escape?

5. Why do Ishi and his family smile when they hear the rush and roar of the wind coming down the canyon?

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