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Theodora Kroeber
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Ending People Section 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tushi collecting while Ishi counts Beaver?
(a) Boadicea bulbs.
(b) Ferns.
(c) Wild berries.
(d) Acorns.

2. Why does Ishi release the rabbit that he catches while he is out collecting lichen?
(a) The rabbit came because it was curious, not because Ishi had been hunting.
(b) Somehow, the rabbit reminds Ishi of Tushi.
(c) Ishi thinks the rabbit is too cute to eat.
(d) The rabbit appears to be as hungry and weak as he and his family.

3. What does Mother take from her treasure bundle and wear on the night that she dies?
(a) Her shell necklace.
(b) Her feather cape.
(c) Ishi's bone earrings.
(d) Her sweetgrass bracelet.

4. Why does Ishi burn off his hair?
(a) He believes that it will keep the saldu away.
(b) He falls asleep too close to the fire.
(c) It is a sign of mourning for the family members that have died.
(d) As a man, he must keep his hair short.

5. Why is Ishi alarmed by the ditch that the saldu are digging?
(a) The saldu's excavation is polluting the river.
(b) The saldu are destroying valuable food resources.
(c) The noise is driving away all of the game that he hunts.
(d) The ditch is headed right toward Wowunupo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What prediction does Mother make about the New Year?

2. Why does Tushi spread black raspberries and manzanita berries onto mats?

3. From Tuliyani, which direction is the Trail to the Land of the Dead?

4. According to Grandfather, why must a bow never be left standing?

5. Where do Ishi and Mother move after Tushi and Elder Uncle disappear?

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