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Theodora Kroeber
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Ending People Section 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Grandfather, why must a bow never be left standing?
(a) It is a bad omen and will attract evil spirits.
(b) It is too easily seen by the enemy and will be attacked.
(c) It will sweat and become weak; the bow needs rest just like the hunter.
(d) It may be knocked over and broken.

2. What regret about Timawi doe Tushi express to Ishi?
(a) She regrets that he did not have a family to return to.
(b) She regrets that she did not take his sweetgrass bracelet.
(c) She regrets that Timawi was not able to return to his village.
(d) She regrets that Timawi and Ishi were not better friends.

3. Why does Tushi spread black raspberries and manzanita berries onto mats?
(a) It is an offering for the Spirits.
(b) She is inspecting them before she brings them home.
(c) She is feeding the forest animals.
(d) She is drying them.

4. Why does Ishi burn off his hair?
(a) As a man, he must keep his hair short.
(b) He falls asleep too close to the fire.
(c) It is a sign of mourning for the family members that have died.
(d) He believes that it will keep the saldu away.

5. What does the saldu intend to do with Tushi?
(a) Run her over with his horse.
(b) Shoot her in the back.
(c) Lasso and kidnap her.
(d) Set her free.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to their plan, where will Tushi and Elder Uncle go to hide if they need to leave the cave village?

2. Why do Ishi and his family smile when they hear the rush and roar of the wind coming down the canyon?

3. Where do Ishi and Mother move after Tushi and Elder Uncle disappear?

4. What detail does Grandmother add to the end of Grandfather's story about Jikula and Ahalamila?

5. How many days pass between the time that Ishi and Timawi leave and Ishi's return to Tuliyani?

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