Ishi: Last of His Tribe Fun Activities

Theodora Kroeber
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Creation Stories

In Section 4 of "The Moon Seasons, Grandfather tells the Yahi story of creation. Find several creation stories from other cultures, Native American as well as European, African, and other cultures. Have students read and compare these stories to the story that Grandfather tells. What characteristics do they share? What differences do they notice? What might explain these similarities among different stories? Then have students create an illustration that represents the Yahi creation story.


Have students research the Yahi people and gather illustrations and photos of the artifacts that are described in the book. Which of these artifacts are mentioned in the book? What purpose do these artifacts serve? Display the illustrations and photos around the room for reference as the class reads.


The book is divided into four sections, each describing a different stage of Ishi's life. Have students create illustrations to represent each...

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