Ishi: Last of His Tribe Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Theodora Kroeber
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Essay Topic 1

The novel is broken into four sections, each describing a different part of Ishi's life. Analyze each of the titles given to the sections and explain the significance of those titles. Be sure to provide evidence from each section in order to support your points.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the novel, the importance of passing on knowledge and responsibility to the next generation is an important theme. In fact, Ishi continues this tradition even after he is the last of his people. Analyze the cycle of "passing down" from one generation to the next and how this cycle adapts to fit the changes that Ishi experiences. Be sure to support your ideas with specific examples.

Essay Topic 3

Dreams carry a lot of significance for Ishi and his people. Analyze the importance of dreams in the novel and the influence that dreams have on the characters. Support your...

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