Ishi: Last of His Tribe Character Descriptions

Theodora Kroeber
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This character is one of only seven remaining members of the Yahi tribe during childhood, and is the only remaining tribe member by adulthood.


This character raises two sons and a niece, and holds the Yahi village together.

Elder Uncle

This character is responsible for most strategic decisions in the village of Tuliyani, but with age, gradually passes this authority to a younger leader.


This character rejects marriage in order to stay with family.


This character helps to feed and protect the village and is killed by the saldu after setting fire to a house.

Grandmother and Grandfather

These characters entertain and teach the village through inspirational stories and traditional teachings.


This character is dead before the novel begins, but motivates his child to be a great hunter and provider.


This character is a saldu who saves the life of a Yahi...

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