Ishi: Last of His Tribe Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Theodora Kroeber
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The Moon Seasons Section 1 | The Moon Seasons Section 2

• Ishi, a young Yahi boy, goes to his secret prayer rock outside of his village.

• He watches and waits for the "Monster" (the railroad) to arrive at his village, imagining that he will fight it one day.

• He sees two white men and fears that they might discover his village, but they do not.

• The rest of Ishi's family is introduced: Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Elder Uncle, cousin Tushi, and Timawi, who has been adopted into the village

• The following day, Ishi and Timawi set trap lines and search for wood to make a new bow for Ishi.

• Timawi advises Ishi not to tell Elder Uncle about the saldu.

• Later Ishi goes with Tushi to gather roots and berries.

• Ishi visits the Green Cave and brings back a blue rock and colored glass for Tushi.

• Ishi and Tushi forget to bring...

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