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Erik Larson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sportswriter in New Jersey does the author discuss in Introduction: The Beach?
(a) Matthew Fontaine Maury.
(b) Bat Masterson.
(c) Henry Piddington.
(d) Willis Moore.

2. What city suffered from twelve consecutive days of 90 degree temperatures or above, prior to the hurricane that hit Galveston?
(a) Columbus, Ohio.
(b) Detroit, Michigan.
(c) St Louis, Missouri.
(d) Springfield, Illinois.

3. Chief Stockman was irritated that the Cuban forecasters had referred to the storm as _____________.
(a) A blizzard.
(b) A cyclone.
(c) A tsunami.
(d) A tornado.

4. What was the maiden name of Isaac Cline's wife?
(a) Cora Rebecca Rodgers.
(b) Cora Betsy Huffington.
(c) Cora Sue Smith.
(d) Cora May Ballew.

5. What college did Isaac Cline attend?
(a) Menominee College.
(b) Hiwassee College.
(c) Tulane College.
(d) Savannah College.

Short Answer Questions

1. The fact that Isaac Cline paid cash for goods and services was published in a directory by what company?

2. According to the author in Part I: The Law of Storms, the first official notation of the storm was made by a Captain in his log on what date?

3. What concept was put forth in Perils of a Restless Planet?

4. In November 1703, the coast of England was hit by a series of powerful storms, killing more than how many seamen?

5. On September 4, 1900 what knocked out the city of Galveston's power and threw all the government buildings into darkness?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did the storm that hit Galveston begin forming? What were atmospheric pressure conditions like in the US at this time?

2. Who was assigned as bureau forecast official in Cuba? How was this meteorologist described by the author?

3. How were the Midwest and Gulf of Mexico affected by the heat wave described in Part I: The Law of Storms?

4. Where and with whom did Isaac Cline live in the year 1900? How is his house described in Introduction: The Beach?

5. What conditions made the storm that hit Galveston form and grow?

6. What experiences with hurricanes did Christopher Columbus encounter, according to the author?

7. What invention was key to the development of the Weather Bureau according to the author in Part I: The Law of Storms? How was Isaac Cline affected by the invention?

8. What concerned Isaac about the weather on the night of September 7, 1900?

9. What were the predictions by the US Weather Bureau for the storm when it hit Florida?

10. How does the author describe Joseph Cline's weather observations on September 6, 1900?

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