Isaac S Storm: The Drowning of Galveston Quiz | Eight Week Quiz D

Erik Larson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II: the Serpent's Coil.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the maiden name of Isaac Cline's wife?
(a) Cora May Ballew.
(b) Cora Sue Smith.
(c) Cora Betsy Huffington.
(d) Cora Rebecca Rodgers.

2. What term refers to a wind that blows with the direction of travel?
(a) Tailwind.
(b) Nonlinear dynamics.
(c) Headwind.
(d) Pushwind.

3. Isaac Cline had considered becoming what before he was invited to study climatology?
(a) Animal trainer.
(b) Attorney.
(c) Dentist.
(d) Park ranger.

4. Hurricane Camille hit the Gulf Coast in what year?
(a) 1929.
(b) 1941.
(c) 1954.
(d) 1969.

5. Just prior to the storm, there was a heat wave in the United States in which how many people died?
(a) 30.
(b) 65.
(c) 147.
(d) 14.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chief Stockman was irritated that the Cuban forecasters had referred to the storm as _____________.

2. On Wednesday, the Weather Bureau was predicting that the storm would move north and land in New England by what day?

3. In Part II: the Serpent's Coil, Isaac walked to the beach and noted the arrival of a large British steamship called _____________.

4. Who was the Chief of the U S Weather Bureau in 1900?

5. In August of what year did Columbus' ships sail on smooth waters under blue skies when an observer sounded the alarm after sighting huge swells just ahead, according to the author in Part I: The Law of Storms?

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