Isaac S Storm: The Drowning of Galveston Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Erik Larson
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Chapter Abstracts

* On the night of September 7, 1900, Isaac Monroe Cline had an explicable feeling of foreboding.

* Isaac had been assigned in 1891 to open the Texas Section of the new US Weather Bureau and was lauded for his service for making his station one of the best in the country.

* Isaac saw himself more than a weatherman. He was a scientist.

* That summer, the temperature had been oppressive and the humidity unbearable.

* Texas was painted as a paradise with perfect temperature to lure immigrants with no mention of the hurricanes that assaulted its Gulf of Mexico coast.

* Isaac was also a physician and was a pioneer in medical climatology, the study of how weather impacts people.

* Isaac lived with his wife Cora and their four children; his younger brother Joseph lived with them and worked for the weather service as an observer.

* Isaac's house was new and was...

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