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William Kennedy
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Francis afraid will happen to Sandra?

2. What does Francis borrow of Jack’s?

3. In the epigraph, what does Dante leave behind by hoisting sail with his wit?

4. What brotherhood does the narrator say Francis and Rudy have between them?

5. What does Francis get for Sandra?

Short Essay Questions

1. What price does Helen pay for sleeping in Finny’s car?

2. How does the narrator describe Gerald’s body in the grave?

3. How is Francis feeling at the beginning of the novel?

4. What effect is created by the author’s sophisticated vocabulary?

5. What is the importance of Halloween in the book’s setting?

6. What does Francis’ conversation with Rudy tell us about his relationship with Helen?

7. What misfortune besets Helen after she returns to the Mission with Francis and Rudy?

8. What does Jack say Francis could have if he got straight, and what is Francis’ response?

9. Describe the brotherhood Francis and Rudy share.

10. How did Francis’ father die?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Evaluate your own reading of Ironweed—did you resist it, or were you compelled by the story? What does your reading tell you about yourself and your interests? Use specific examples from the book to describe yourself as a reader.

Essay Topic 2

Ironweed takes place over three days: Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. What is the role of these Catholic holidays in Ironweed? What do these holidays explain in the novel?

Essay Topic 3

When is Ironweed most itself? What is its characteristic passage, or moment? What makes that moment or passage the most representative of the book as a whole? Are there any places where the book seems to depart from its typical self, as if to become a different book?

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