Ironweed Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

William Kennedy
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Chapter 1

• Francis and Rudy take a truck up to the cemetery to shovel dirt for a day’s pay.

• The trip evokes memories for Francis, of the time when he lived in Albany, and played professional baseball.

• Francis and Rudy banter about the weather and their desire to buy wine and flop somewhere out of the cold.

• Francis is defensive about his past, and answers Rudy with non-sequiturs that keep Rudy mystified about his life, but the narrative tells the reader that Francis is guilty about killing his baby and abandoning his family.

• Francis visits his son’s grave, and his son’s spirit tells him that he hopes he will perform acts of expiation and stop trying to kill himself over what happened.

• Francis and Rudy return to the truck, now with money in their pockets.

Chapter 2

• On the bus downtown, Francis sees the ghost of Harold...

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