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Mark Salzman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who brought Salzman's package to him from the Post Office?
(a) Wife of American doctor.
(b) Teacher Wei.
(c) Comrade Hun.
(d) Dr. Li.

2. What kind of college did Salzman work at in China?
(a) Medical college.
(b) Two-year junior college.
(c) Conservatory.
(d) Liberal arts college.

3. What kind of tax did the Post Office require Salzman pay for his package of medication?
(a) Import Tax for Foreign Friends.
(b) Sales tax.
(c) Overweight package tax.
(d) Customs tax.

4. Who only kissed his young daughters at night when they were asleep?
(a) Comrade Yu.
(b) Dr. Nei.
(c) Teacher Liu.
(d) Pan.

5. When Salzman performed a martial arts demonstration in "Leaving," what embarrassing event occurred?
(a) No one wanted to watch him perform.
(b) He forgot his martial arts moves.
(c) He split open the back of his pants.
(d) A dog howled through his whole performance.

6. What did Dr. Li teach Salzman?
(a) Boxing.
(b) Dragon Battles.
(c) Kung Fu.
(d) Xuan Men Swords.

7. How did Salzman's students describe Comrade M?
(a) Unpopular.
(b) Talkative.
(c) Brave.
(d) Popular.

8. How did Old Sheep usually greet Salzman when she entered his rooms?
(a) Quietly.
(b) Loudly.
(c) Tentatively.
(d) Nervously.

9. What did Pan want to learn from Salzman?
(a) How to play the cello.
(b) Calligraphy.
(c) English.
(d) American-style martial arts.

10. What gift did Salzman give Mr. Gong's youngest son?
(a) Watercolors, brushes, and charcoal.
(b) New glasses.
(c) Book of essays.
(d) Fishing pole.

11. How did the Leaders announce their decision about Comrade M's suicide?
(a) Speech in the middle of the college.
(b) Announcement on the radio.
(c) By letter.
(d) With a poster.

12. What did the Leaders decide about Comrade M's suicide?
(a) Her family won't be able to hold a memorial service.
(b) Her friends cannot grieve in public.
(c) It was a misunderstanding on her part.
(d) They will take action against Manager L.

13. What is a xiuxi?
(a) Calligraphy.
(b) Chinese rest time in the afternoon.
(c) Special salad.
(d) Vase.

14. What did Salzman learn when he saw Mr. Gong and his son at the market?
(a) The son refused to help out at home.
(b) The son had taken up sports.
(c) The son had gotten into college.
(d) The son loved to cook.

15. What name did Mr. Gong call Salzman?
(a) Gifted Mark.
(b) Mr. Mark.
(c) Uncle Mark.
(d) Cousin Mark.

Short Answer Questions

1. What month was it when Salzman encountered a problem when he wanted to leave China at the beginning of the book?

2. What movie did Pan play an evil character in?

3. How long did Mark Salzman live in China?

4. Why did Dr. Nie awaken Salzman one January morning?

5. What made the audience roar with laughter at the end of the African performance?

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