Iron & Silk Short Essay - Answer Key

Mark Salzman
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1. Why was Mark Salzman detained at the train station when he was leaving China after a two-year stay?

Salzman was detained at the train station because the large bag he was carrying contained sabres and swords. Although he provided documentation that he was a student of a well-known martial arts teacher and that the weapons were all gifts, the officials said they were Chinese artifacts and could not leave the country.

2. What happened when the policeman at the train station advised Salzman to put on a martial arts demonstration?

The policeman advised Salzman to put on a display of his martial arts skills to prove that he had been trained by the famous teacher, Pan. Salzman ripped his pants during his demonstration and old ladies offered to sew up the rip. Old sick men thought that he had earned healing powers during his lessons with Pan and wanted him to heal them. Finally, Salzman was allowed to get on the train with his weapons.

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