Objects & Places from Iron & Silk

Mark Salzman
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Salzman traveled to this location so that he could teach English for two years.

Hunan Province

Salzman lived and taught in this area.


This place had a population of over one million people who lived in poverty and filth.

Hunan Medical College

Salzman had a job teaching English at this location.

Provincial Sports Unit

Pan gave Salzman wushu lessons in this location after they first met.


Hai Bin gave Salzman calligraphy lessons in this location.


Salzman and his fellow teachers spent a holiday weekend in this location visiting other teachers.

Xiang River

This location was where Old Ding made his living.


While on holiday, Salzman purchased some coffee in this area.

Rooftop of Bathhouse

When authorities decided to purge western influence from China, Salzman was no longer allowed to practice martial arts with Pan at this location.

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