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Mark Salzman
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

The book begins with Mark Salzman attempting to travel home after two years teaching English at Hunan Medical College in Southeastern China. He recounted what happened when he first arrived in China, completely new to the maze of government regulations. This lesson will discuss the conflicts Salzman faced as he traveled in China.


1) Class Discussion: Salzman's plans to travel by train out of Canton were thwarted when railway authorities would not allow him to leave the country with his bag of martial arts weapons. He tried to explain that he had the proper documentation, but they were skeptical. Discuss the specific problem that Salzman overcame in order to leave China. What were the authorities worried about? What stumbling blocks did they put in Salzman's path? How did he overcome them?

2) Group Activity: Form groups and work together identifying each conflict that Salzman faced in...

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