Iron & Silk Fun Activities

Mark Salzman
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Act out a skit based on one of the scenes from Iron & Silk. Be prepared to present your skit to the class.

Staring Contest

Review how Salzman and Pan stared at each other in their first lessons together. Choose a partner and try to emulate this practice. See how long you can both hold a stare.

Author Biography

Do an internet search on the author of this book, Mark Salzman. Where did he grow up? What other books has he written? Where does he live now? What other information can you discover about him? Share your research with the class.

Word Scrambler

Mix up ten words from Iron & Silk, including names, locations, events, and martial arts routines, and give these to another classmate to unscramble.

Acrostic Verse

Using the title IRON & SILK, create an acrostic puzzle with words that define or describe the book.

Fill in the Blank

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