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Mark Salzman
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Essay Topic 1

What is the meaning of the title "Iron & Silk"? Why does Mark Salzman pair these words? What significance do they have to Salzman's experiences in China?

Essay Topic 2

What nicknames was Salzman called while in China? Provide three examples of when and why Salzman received his nicknames. What do these nicknames suggest about others' perception of him?

Essay Topic 3

As Salzman traveled around China, what were some of the challenges he faced? How did he resolve these challenges? What did he learn from them?

Essay Topic 4

What do you learn about Communist China from reading "Iron & Silk"? How does Salzman reflect on the political as well as the personal in this memoir?

Essay Topic 5

Do you agree or disagree that Salzman is a writer who uses descriptive language to create vivid portrayals of the Chinese people he interacts with? Which scene stands out as an example...

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