Iron & Silk Character Descriptions

Mark Salzman
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Mark Salzman

This person is the author of this book.


This person was famous for his roles in Chinese movies.

Teacher Wu

This person asked a foreigner for help in translating school loan papers.

Teacher Wei

This elderly person gave a teacher classical Chinese essays to read so he could improve his Chinese skills.

Bill, Jean, and Julian

These people traveled together and taught English to medical students.

Hai Bin

This student was considered an expert in Chinese calligraphy.

Old Ding

This person befriended an American and offered to buy him a boat if he would live with him and his family.

Old Yang

This person cleaned and managed an apartment building.

Master Zheng

This expert in nei-gong boxing introduced another person to Wudang boxing.

Master Liang

This cheerful and pleasant person introduced an American to taiji.

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