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Mark Salzman
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Chapter 1

• Mark Salzman left the Hunan Province in China after a two-year stay.

• He was detained at the railway station because the large bag he was carrying contained sabres and swords.

• Although he provided documentation that he was a student of a well-known martial arts teacher and that the weapons were all gifts, the officials were still dubious.

• The railway personnel believed the bag was too long and the weapons could be Chinese artifacts.

• Salzman could not leave the country with artifacts.
• Salzman saw a policeman he knew who tried to convince the officials to let him through.

• His plane from Hong Kong to New York was leaving in two days and he was worried he would miss his flight.

• The policeman advised him to put on a display of his martial arts skills to prove that he was a student of the famous teacher.

• Salzman ripped his...

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