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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does King Thoas tell Iphigenia he thinks the young strangers have done?
(a) Killed one of his people.
(b) Escaped from prison.
(c) Killed a soldier.
(d) Hidden from their king.

2. Who is Pylades' father?
(a) Menelaus.
(b) Achilles.
(c) Agamemnon.
(d) Strophius.

3. When Iphigenia is speaking with King Thoas about the image moving, she tells him that something else happened as well as the movement. What else does Iphigenia say happened with the image?
(a) Its eyelids closed.
(b) It raised its sword.
(c) It fell.
(d) It rocked back and forth and spoke.

4. In Part 4 of Iphigenia in Taurus, Orestes is telling Pylades that he must leave and go back home. Orestes tells Pylades that he must go home and perpetuate his name. How does Orestes tell Pylades to perpetuate his name?
(a) To tell everyone about him.
(b) To build an image of him.
(c) To go home to his wife and bear children.
(d) To proclaim his name and his mission to all the inhabitants of Hellas.

5. Who leads Orestes and Pylades out of the temple on their way to the purification ritual?
(a) Guards and temple attendants.
(b) The Chorus.
(c) Guards.
(d) King Thoas.

6. When Iphigenia tells King Thoas about the holy image moving on the pedestal, King Thoas explains the movement as what happening?
(a) The temple falling.
(b) Her eyes deceiving her.
(c) The movement of Artemis, herself.
(d) The earth shaking.

7. Who is Agamemnon's grandfather?
(a) Achilles.
(b) Zeus.
(c) Pelops.
(d) Apollo.

8. Which Mount did the mother of Artemis and Apollo bring them to?
(a) Mount Parnassus.
(b) Mount Hellena.
(c) Mount Olympus.
(d) Mount Pela.

9. At the end of Part 5, what does Iphigenia do right before the procession forms?
(a) She calls to King Thoas.
(b) She raises her arms to Zeus.
(c) She raises the image.
(d) She calls out Artemis' name.

10. What is the first thing Iphigenia requests of King Thoas when beginning with the purification ritual after she finishes explaining the need for the ritual?
(a) That the strangers get a chance to speak.
(b) That the strangers' arms be bound with cords.
(c) That the strangers remain unbound.
(d) That the strangers do not know where they are.

11. In Part 4 when Orestes and Iphigenia are planning their escape, Orestes states that night is for thieves, but what does he say daylight is for?
(a) Bravery.
(b) Truthfulness.
(c) Servants.
(d) Honesty.

12. In Part 4, what does Orestes tell Iphigenia is the mission that Apollo gave him?
(a) To break the statue of Artemis on the jagged rocks of Taurus.
(b) To taint the statue of Artemis so it is no longer clean.
(c) To bring the statue of Artemis to him.
(d) To take the statue of Artemis and set it up in Athens.

13. When Orestes speaks of appearing in court for killing his mother, where does he say the court met?
(a) Wonder Mountain.
(b) Ares' Hill.
(c) Athena's Hill.
(d) Golden Mountain.

14. In Part 6, what is the first stanza called that the Chorus recites in their poem?
(a) Iphigenia.
(b) Antistrophe.
(c) Artemis.
(d) Strophe.

15. At the opening of Part 5 when the single person enters the scene, who does he have with him?
(a) Nobody.
(b) Orestes and Iphigenia.
(c) Orestes and Pylades.
(d) His guards.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Thoas is speaking of Orestes and Pylades escaping in Part 6, he states that they have a long hard voyage before them if they hope to do what?

2. In the beginning of Part 6, the Chorus tells of Apollo and his skill at what?

3. When Iphigenia is speaking to Orestes and Pylades in Part 4 about taking her message back home, who does Iphigenia tell Pylades saved her from her father's hand?

4. In Part 6 of Iphigenia of Taurus, when Thoas asks the messenger how it is possible that Iphigenia is gone and why she is gone, what does the messenger tell him?

5. In Part 5, why does King Thoas have a "strong desire" to learn about the young men?

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