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Objective: Part 1 For most of the play, Iphigenia in Taurus, the genre would probably be considered a tragedy. A tragedy involves the downfall of a hero. Usually the tragedy hero has some sort of flaw or makes some mistake to provide for their downfall. This proves how human the hero is and how susceptible they still are to the gods' will. In this lesson we will discuss tragedies and what elements in Iphigenia in Taurus help to define the play as a tragedy.

1) Group Discussion: Divide the class into groups and have them discuss different instances found in the play, Iphigenia in Taurus, that would help determine that it is a tragedy. Have the groups make a list of specific instances in the play that would help in concluding that it is a tragedy. Have each group present their lists to the class.

2) Class Discussion: What is...

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