Iphigenia in Taurus Character Descriptions

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Athena - This character represents wisdom and the disciplined aspects of war, and also announces that it will henceforth take a majority of votes to condemn a man for a crime.

Chorus - This character comments upon and generalizes the events of the play.

Herdsman - This character is one of the characters who surrounds the two strangers.

Iphigenia - This character is daring, cool, passionate, and loves only her siblings.

Messenger - This character threatens the chorus of captive Greek temple attendants that they will pay.

Orestes - This character is assigned a task of retrieving the altar statue at the temple of Artemis in Taurus.

Pylades - This character epitomizes friendship by going with his friend on a dangerous mission simply to keep his friend company.

Thoas - This character rules over Taurus.

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