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Part 1

• Two long-lost children of the slaughtered King Agamemnon are reunited and plot to escape their earthly imprisonment and servitude to the gods.

• The play is set in the courtyard of a temple sacred to the goddess Artemis.

• Iphigenia explains in a long speech who she is, how she came to Taurus, the way she because a priestess, and her role in the rituals of the temple.

• Iphigenia explains that she is the daughter of Agamemnon and that she was betrothed to Achilles.

• Iphigenia reveals that her father was commanded by the gods to sacrifice her to Artemis so her father's army could sail to another country to rescue Helen of Troy.

• At the moment that Iphigenia was to be killed, Artemis replaces her with a deer, brings her to Taurus and sets her up as the high priestess of the temple.

• It is Iphigenia's duty to prepare...

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