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Short Answer Questions

1. Of what do the men in the bar in Chapter 20 accuse the narrator?

2. The narrator's anger is primarily focuses against

3. What truth does the narrator discover about Brother Jack?

4. Why does the narrator run after making his speech on behalf of the elderly couple?

5. Through his experiences, what has the narrator learned to value?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of the black thread that controls the dancing doll?

2. What is the narrator's intention in speaking up for the black couple who have been evicted?

3. What is the primary problem with the instructions given to the narrator to gather more members?

4. To what does Brother Tarp attribute the warning letter?

5. Explain the initial results of the narrator's strategy of "yessing" them to death.

6. Why do Dupre and his men choose a particular building to burn?

7. Brother Jack refers to Clifton as Brutus? How does the metaphor fit the situation?

8. Why is the narrator's funeral oration more moving than if he had planned a speech based according to party guidelines?

9. Identify several mistakes that the narrator makes in his first assigned speech in Harlem.

10. How does Emma's conversation create a sense of foreboding?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

On several different occasions, the narrator speaks directly to the reader, ending in his epilogue with "perhaps I speak for you...." Who do you think Ellison imagined as his most likely audience? If the various groups of people in the book could be allegorical representations of cultural groups--i.e. college administrators, blue collar employers, political party leaders, low income minority groups, etc.--what message would they perceive in the novel? Choose two or three different groups and tell how the story might speak to each of them.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the use of white vs black and dark vs light throughout the novel. How are these contrasting concepts used in unexpected ways?

Essay Topic 3

Explain why the Brotherhood chooses the narrator. What factors have made him particularly vulnerable to their approach? How do his own intentions change as he begins working with them?

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