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Short Answer Questions

1. What revelation does the "Tom Show" provide for Ellison?

2. Why is the narrator offended by the man behind the drugstore counter?

3. What does the doctor mean when he says they "picked poor robin clean"?

4. The narrator's pondering of his upcoming punishment is an example of what literary device?

5. How does the narrator excuse his lack of responsibility?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Mr. Norton give Jim Trueblood $100?

2. What lie does Dr. Bledsoe expect the narrator to tell?

3. What literary device is used in Chapter 4?

4. Explain the irony of the sign "Keep American Pure with Liberty Paints."

5. What does the narrator expect from his visit with Mr. Bates?

6. Why do the people at the Men's House treat him with hostility?

7. Why do the grandfather's dying words make the narrator feel guilty about receiving praise?

8. Who are the sleeping ones?

9. What does Ellison mean by "benign neglect"?

10. In what way, according to the veteran, is the narrator likely to become a casualty?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is illusion? Can illusion be imposed upon a person without his consent? Can illusion be chosen so effectively that a person believes his own fancies? Discuss which characters are choosing to be deluded. Is the delusion helping or hurting their cause?

Essay Topic 2

The narrator's grandfather tries to explain how he himself had failed the black people. What does the narrator initially not understand about the concept of "yessing" them to death? How does he eventually understand and adopt the idea? What conclusion does he finally draw about appearing to agree while actually plotting against someone?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the symbolism of the following items: the figurine bank, the dark glasses, the briefcase, the dancing dolls, the piece of chain.

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