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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the narrator not tell the doctors his name after the procedure?

2. Why does Mary Rambo want to take the narrator home?

3. According to Reverend Barbee, why does Dr. Bledsoe enjoy a position of apparent power?

4. The concept of the character as invisible is symbolic of which of the following conditions?

5. What does the narrator credit for his "call to action"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the people at the Men's House treat him with hostility?

2. What does Dr. Bledsoe mean by "acting the nigger."

3. Why was the narrator doomed to fail at the paint factory?

4. What surprises the narrator upon his arrival in Harlem?

5. How has the narrator ended up in the factory hospital? How is he being treated once he gets there?

6. What does the narrator expect from his visit with Mr. Bates?

7. How was the narrator's graduation speech a betrayal of black people?

8. What literary device is used in Chapter 4?

9. What final action does the hospital take to ensure the narrator's silence?

10. What is the objective of Rev. Barbee's sermon?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Music or singing occur several times in the novel and the narrator himself refers to Armstrong. Explain how music contributes to the overall plot of the novel. Consider not only the narrator's private thoughts about music, but also the music in the chapel in Chapter 2, the music at the Brotherhood party, the man singing at Clifton's funeral, and others.

Essay Topic 2

What is illusion? Can illusion be imposed upon a person without his consent? Can illusion be chosen so effectively that a person believes his own fancies? Discuss which characters are choosing to be deluded. Is the delusion helping or hurting their cause?

Essay Topic 3

Blindness is one of the most pervasive motifs of the novel. Discuss the different types of blindness that are represented by the characters, for example, Norton, Mary, the two nuns, Brother Jack, Ras, the narrator himself, and others. Choose three or four characters that represent different types of blindness and explain how their blindness influences their actions and decisions. Is there anyone in the novel who sees clearly, whether he uses his sight for good or for evil purposes?

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