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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator lack in Chapter 12?

2. According to Reverend Barbee, why does Dr. Bledsoe enjoy a position of apparent power?

3. Why does the vet want the narrator to hear his story?

4. How does the vet react when Mr. Norton tries to explain his interest in the college?

5. Why does Mr. Bledsoe compose his face into a bland mask?

Short Essay Questions

1. What surprises the narrator upon his arrival in Harlem?

2. What lie does Dr. Bledsoe expect the narrator to tell?

3. What does Dr. Bledsoe mean by "acting the nigger."

4. Why was the narrator doomed to fail at the paint factory?

5. What final action does the hospital take to ensure the narrator's silence?

6. How does the setting in chapter 5 provide additional foreshadowing?

7. Of what "irresponsibility" are sleepwalkers and dreamers accused?

8. What is the objective of Rev. Barbee's sermon?

9. Describe Dr. Bledsoe.

10. Why is important to know that the introduction was written 30 years after the novel itself?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The narrator's grandfather tries to explain how he himself had failed the black people. What does the narrator initially not understand about the concept of "yessing" them to death? How does he eventually understand and adopt the idea? What conclusion does he finally draw about appearing to agree while actually plotting against someone?

Essay Topic 2

Early in the novel, the graduating black boys are deliberately used as cruel sport for the white men at a club. Norton is at the club with all the other white men. Norton does not care about the black boys any more than anyone else does. Therefore, what is his purpose at the college? Explain the things that Mr. Norton and Brother Jack have in common.

Essay Topic 3

In his last meeting with Hambro, the narrator is told that his own members--the blacks in Harlem--must be sacrificed for the good of the Brotherhood and that they will be making temporary alliances with other groups. Since the alliance with the blacks seems to have accomplished nothing for the blacks themselves, what was the purpose of the work in Harlem? Why did it fail? How did the alliance--if such it could be called--contribute to the riot?

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