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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the narrator decide against using Emma in his plans?
(a) She is too knowledgable in the art of intrigue and would figure out what he was doing
(b) She was too close to Jack
(c) She would probably not be willing to go against the party
(d) She has her own agenda

2. Who had predicted the narrator's relationship with the white woman?
(a) Brother Hambro
(b) Brother Jack
(c) The veteran doctor at the Golden Day
(d) Dr. Bledsoe

3. What does the narrator purchase after the confrontation with Ras?
(a) a weapon
(b) a long jacket
(c) a low brimmed hat
(d) a pair of dark green sunglasses

4. What does Brother Tod Clifton do?
(a) He is a black nationalist
(b) He is a minister
(c) He is a fanatic ideologies who teaches newcomers.
(d) lead the youth of the Brotherhood

5. How does the audience react to the narrator's speech?
(a) They sit in stunned silence
(b) They get up and leave.
(c) He is cheered
(d) He is booed

Short Answer Questions

1. What horrifying sight does the narrator see as he flees the riot?

2. What does the narrator discover about Jack?

3. The narrator wants Clifton's funeral to focus on which of the following?

4. After whom does the narrator say he wants to pattern himself?

5. What truth does the narrator discover about Brother Jack?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the narrator's intention in speaking up for the black couple who have been evicted?

2. Explain why the "woman question" is typical of the Brotherhood's approach to issues.

3. The narrator says that he has learned that the lack of surprise is a warning. What does he mean?

4. What strikes the narrator as the profound truth about the riot?

5. Explain the initial results of the narrator's strategy of "yessing" them to death.

6. Why is Ras' anger ironic?

7. Why is the narrator's work on the "woman question" cut short?

8. Why does the lady on the street become angry when he tries to put the figurine in the trash can?

9. Brother Jack refers to Clifton as Brutus? How does the metaphor fit the situation?

10. What is meant by "white fever"?

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