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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of day is it on the day of Clifton's funeral?
(a) warm and exhilarating
(b) Cold and rainy
(c) Cold and windy
(d) Hot and humid

2. Why is the narrator unable to see his audience when he gives his speech at the arena?
(a) They are too far away.
(b) The auditorium is too dim.
(c) He is blinded by lights
(d) He has to speak from behind a curtain.

3. What is ironic about the narrator's dance with Emma?
(a) The veteran doctor had predicted that the narrator would dance with a white woman.
(b) She is the first white woman he ever danced with.
(c) He had at first refused the offer to dance with her.
(d) He is the only black man she dances with at the party.

4. The narrator believes the Brotherhood will destroy itself. Why?
(a) Because it is blind to its own lack of real purpose
(b) Because it has no real direction
(c) Because it is hurting the people it pretends to help
(d) Because the members are fighting among themselves

5. What is the narrator accused of when he tries to dispose of the figurine?
(a) stupidity
(b) littering
(c) theft
(d) drug dealing

Short Answer Questions

1. After whom does the narrator say he wants to pattern himself?

2. Why does the narrator remain in his hole for a long while?

3. Through his experiences, what has the narrator learned to value?

4. How does the narrator react to the dolls that are being sold by Clifton?

5. Where does Brother Jack send the narrator at the end of the meeting?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jack become angry with the man who asks the narrator to sing a "spiritual"?

2. Why is Ras' anger ironic?

3. To what does Brother Tarp attribute the warning letter?

4. Explain why the "woman question" is typical of the Brotherhood's approach to issues.

5. How does the narrator really feel about the gift of the chain from Brother Tarp?

6. What is the narrator's intention in speaking up for the black couple who have been evicted?

7. Explain the irony of the figurine owned by Mary.

8. Why is the narrator's funeral oration more moving than if he had planned a speech based according to party guidelines?

9. The narrator says that he has learned that the lack of surprise is a warning. What does he mean?

10. Why does Brother Jack defend the narrator at this point?

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