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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the doctor mean when he says they "picked poor robin clean"?
(a) They have taken all the narrator's money.
(b) They have completely destroyed the narrator's memories
(c) They have damaged the narrator's personality
(d) They have eliminated any possibility of getting a job.

2. When the narrator goes to see Mr. Emerson, who does he actually see?
(a) an unnamed individual
(b) Mr. Emerson's son
(c) Mr. Emerson's secretary
(d) Mr. Emerson's assistant

3. According to Mr. Brockway, what happened when the company tried to replace him?
(a) No one else would take the job
(b) The other workers went on strike
(c) All the paint went bad
(d) The union went to bat for him.

4. Why does the vet want the narrator to hear his story?
(a) So the narrator will persuade Mr. Norton to give a donation
(b) So the narrator will take up the cause of the vets
(c) So the narrator will return to the Golden Day
(d) So the narrator will not become another casualty

5. What is most unusual about the narrator's residence?
(a) It is free
(b) It is in a basement
(c) It is a white apartment house
(d) It is filled with over 1300 light bulbs

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the paint symbolic?

2. What does the narrator discuss with the woman in his dream?

3. In chapter 9, the narrator walks a short distance with another man. What is the man doing besides singing?

4. What does Trueblood's story suggest about the white men at the jail house?

5. The concept of the character as invisible is symbolic of which of the following conditions?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the narrator's work on the "woman question" cut short?

2. What strikes the narrator as the profound truth about the riot?

3. Why does Mr. Norton give Jim Trueblood $100?

4. The narrator says that he has learned that the lack of surprise is a warning. What does he mean?

5. What is the narrator's intention in speaking up for the black couple who have been evicted?

6. What does the narrator expect from his visit with Mr. Bates?

7. Identify several mistakes that the narrator makes in his first assigned speech in Harlem.

8. Why was the narrator doomed to fail at the paint factory?

9. What was the narrator's real problem, and how has he settled it?

10. Describe one of the roles played by Rinehart.

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