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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator wants to learn everything he can about the Brotherhood in order to
(a) Use it to restore those who have been dispossessed
(b) Use it to achieve power for himself
(c) Use it to create equality for black people
(d) Use it as a means to get even with Bledsoe

2. What makes the narrator think that his night with the white woman was a trap?
(a) The woman does not want him to return
(b) He dimly remembers the appearance of another man
(c) The Brotherhood is mysteriously silent regarding his activities
(d) Other women seem to want to

3. How does the audience react to the narrator's speech?
(a) They get up and leave.
(b) He is cheered
(c) He is booed
(d) They sit in stunned silence

4. What horrifying sight does the narrator see as he flees the riot?
(a) The destruction of his membership
(b) Seven naked manniquins hanging over the street
(c) The slaughter of blacks by the police
(d) The body of Sybil

5. What decision does the narrator accept for the time period that will be needed to clear the charges against him?
(a) He insist on the continuation of his activities
(b) He decides to go out on his own.
(c) He agrees to speak on the Woman Question
(d) He agrees to become inactive

6. Why does the narrator go to the white woman's apartment in Chapter 19?
(a) because she has seduced him
(b) to seduce her
(c) to discuss ideologies
(d) to meet her husband

7. What does the narrator discover about Jack?
(a) That Jack had actually written the earlier threatening letter.
(b) That Jack had been killed
(c) That Jack had left the Brotherhod
(d) That Jack had betrayed the Brotherhood

8. What does the figurine symbolize?
(a) money
(b) racism
(c) slavery
(d) freedom

9. What truth does the narrator discover about Brother Jack?
(a) He does not really believe in the Brotherhood
(b) He is a devotee of Dr. Bledsoe
(c) He is a pawn of the white people
(d) He has a glass eye

10. What do the yams symbolize?
(a) The narrator's future
(b) The narrator's ability to please himself
(c) The narrator's past
(d) The purity of the old south

11. When is a person most invisible?
(a) When he refuses to mingle with the group
(b) When he exists outside of history
(c) When he simply accepts the rule of the group
(d) When his social group decides to ignore him.

12. How does the Brotherhood regard Clifton?
(a) As a traitor
(b) As a hero
(c) As a faceless member
(d) As a martyr

13. Why does the narrator run after making his speech on behalf of the elderly couple?
(a) A white girl tells him to run, and he obeys even though he isn't exactly sure why.
(b) He sees the police coming and thinks they are after him.
(c) He doesn't want to be confronted for making a speech.
(d) He thinks the crowd is after him.

14. Through his experiences, what has the narrator learned to value?
(a) power
(b) Diversity
(c) Unity
(d) Independence

15. What realization does the narrator have in Chapter 21?
(a) That the Brotherhood is just using him.
(b) That the members of the crowd are individuals
(c) That the Brotherhood has its own agenda
(d) That the Brotherhood does not really care about people

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprises the narrator in relation to the riot?

2. What does Dupre want to do prior to starting the fire?

3. How does the narrator's meeting with Sybil backfire?

4. What does Brother Tod Clifton do?

5. Why does the narrator try to hide the figurine from Mary?

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