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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is happening in Harlem?
(a) The police have taken over.
(b) The Brotherhood has taken over.
(c) The people have burned down the district office
(d) The community is in a riot

2. Whose words does the narrator contemplate as proof that he can have two identities and still be successful?
(a) The words of Dr. Bledsoe
(b) His grandfather's words
(c) The words of Frederick Douglass
(d) The words of Saul and Paul

3. How does the Brotherhood regard Clifton?
(a) As a martyr
(b) As a traitor
(c) As a faceless member
(d) As a hero

4. Why does the narrator go to the white woman's apartment in Chapter 19?
(a) because she has seduced him
(b) to seduce her
(c) to meet her husband
(d) to discuss ideologies

5. What is it that people like Jack, Bledsoe and Norton have refused to do?
(a) Recognize equality among all individuals
(b) Recognize the importance of each individual
(c) Recognize the uncontrollable power of a group
(d) Recognize the American identity of all of her people

6. For whom does the Brotherhood claim to work?
(a) Black people
(b) all people
(c) White people
(d) Those of their own party

7. Why does the narrator consider his funeral speech a failure?
(a) He hadn't been able to talk about political issues.
(b) He didn't think about singing the song before the old black man started it
(c) He hadn't been able to inspire the crowd to fight.
(d) He had too little to say to the youth.

8. What does Westrum use as evidence that the narrator is only trying to promote himself?
(a) The chain on the narrator's desk
(b) The narrator's refusal to conduct business the way Westrum wanted it.
(c) The article in a magazine that resulted from a personal interview with the narrator
(d) The repeated meetings with Hambro

9. When the woman says the narrator's voice is "primitive," she actually intends the statement as
(a) a gesture of seduction
(b) a compliment
(c) an insult
(d) a word of advice

10. Upon the narrator's return to Harlem, he learns which of the following individuals has disappeared from the Brotherhood?
(a) Brother Jack
(b) Brother Westrum
(c) Brother Clifton
(d) Brother Hambro

11. What truth does the narrator discover about Brother Jack?
(a) He has a glass eye
(b) He is a pawn of the white people
(c) He is a devotee of Dr. Bledsoe
(d) He does not really believe in the Brotherhood

12. The narrator has learned that a person must approach the world with
(a) intelligence and ingenuity
(b) subtlety and reserve
(c) Both love and hate
(d) determination and courage

13. What does the narrator discover when he gets to the woman's apartment?
(a) the woman is single
(b) her husband is dead
(c) Her husband is away
(d) the woman is divorced

14. After whom does the narrator say he wants to pattern himself?
(a) The Founder
(b) Mr. Norton
(c) Dr, Bledsoe
(d) Booker T Washington

15. How does the narrator react to the dolls that are being sold by Clifton?
(a) He calls the police
(b) He laughs at the dolls
(c) He spits on one of the dolls
(d) He purchases a doll

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator's anger is primarily focuses against

2. In Chapter 14, why is Mary cooking cabbage?

3. The narrator wants to learn everything he can about the Brotherhood in order to

4. Where does Brother Jack send the narrator at the end of the meeting?

5. What does the unnamed man at the party ask the narrator to do?

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