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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Brother Westrum opposed to the piece of chain on the narrator's desk?
(a) Because it shows difference instead of unity
(b) Because it symbolically denies the possibility of equality
(c) Because it is a reminder of slavery
(d) Because it shows a tendency to cling to the past

2. What is in the narrator's briefcase?
(a) Mary's bank
(b) a white hat
(c) his cash
(d) his green spectacles

3. With what animal does the narrator compare Brother Jack?
(a) a toy bull terrior
(b) a snake
(c) a bull dog
(d) a wolf

4. In Chapter 14, why is Mary cooking cabbage?
(a) It's all she can afford
(b) She thinks it will please the narrator.
(c) The narrator has asked for it.
(d) It's a reminder of the south

5. To what does Ras the Exhorter primarily object?
(a) Clifton's methods of leading the youth
(b) The mixing of black and white
(c) The narrator's street corner approach
(d) The idea of a black man speaking out for white people

6. Upon the narrator's return to Harlem, he learns which of the following individuals has disappeared from the Brotherhood?
(a) Brother Clifton
(b) Brother Westrum
(c) Brother Jack
(d) Brother Hambro

7. How does the narrator react to the dolls that are being sold by Clifton?
(a) He spits on one of the dolls
(b) He laughs at the dolls
(c) He calls the police
(d) He purchases a doll

8. How does the audience react to the narrator's speech?
(a) He is booed
(b) He is cheered
(c) They sit in stunned silence
(d) They get up and leave.

9. What does the narrator purchase after the confrontation with Ras?
(a) a pair of dark green sunglasses
(b) a long jacket
(c) a low brimmed hat
(d) a weapon

10. The narrator becomes dizzy at the thought that true saviors might actually be where?
(a) disguised in the literature books
(b) outside history
(c) in the history books
(d) crippled within the limits of organizations

11. Why does the narrator run after making his speech on behalf of the elderly couple?
(a) He sees the police coming and thinks they are after him.
(b) He doesn't want to be confronted for making a speech.
(c) A white girl tells him to run, and he obeys even though he isn't exactly sure why.
(d) He thinks the crowd is after him.

12. What is happening in Harlem?
(a) The Brotherhood has taken over.
(b) The police have taken over.
(c) The community is in a riot
(d) The people have burned down the district office

13. What fault does Emma find with the narrator?
(a) He isn't black enough.
(b) He is too indecisive
(c) He has no money to contribute
(d) He probably won't fit in with the group

14. Why does the narrator consider his funeral speech a failure?
(a) He hadn't been able to talk about political issues.
(b) He had too little to say to the youth.
(c) He didn't think about singing the song before the old black man started it
(d) He hadn't been able to inspire the crowd to fight.

15. What surprises the narrator in relation to the riot?
(a) He had actually been used to help cause it.
(b) The Brotherhood had instigated it.
(c) It was the inevitable end of the politics they had been preaching.
(d) The Brotherhood knew nothing about it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What apparent warning meets the narrator upon his return to Harlem

2. What does Dupre want to do prior to starting the fire?

3. How does the narrator portray himself at the end of Chapter 22?

4. Of what do the men in the bar in Chapter 20 accuse the narrator?

5. When the woman says the narrator's voice is "primitive," she actually intends the statement as

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