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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Rinehart?
(a) a runner
(b) a preacher
(c) a gambler
(d) A mysterious man with many roles

2. Why does the narrator run after making his speech on behalf of the elderly couple?
(a) He thinks the crowd is after him.
(b) He sees the police coming and thinks they are after him.
(c) A white girl tells him to run, and he obeys even though he isn't exactly sure why.
(d) He doesn't want to be confronted for making a speech.

3. What is ironic about the narrator's dance with Emma?
(a) He had at first refused the offer to dance with her.
(b) She is the first white woman he ever danced with.
(c) The veteran doctor had predicted that the narrator would dance with a white woman.
(d) He is the only black man she dances with at the party.

4. What does the narrator discover when he gets to the woman's apartment?
(a) her husband is dead
(b) the woman is divorced
(c) Her husband is away
(d) the woman is single

5. How is the narrator's preparations for the evening with Sybil ironic?
(a) The evening would be a disaster anyway
(b) He tries to copy Rinehart whom he has never actually seen.
(c) Sybil had already made her own preparations
(d) Sybil would be useless to him.

6. What does the narrator purchase after the confrontation with Ras?
(a) a low brimmed hat
(b) a pair of dark green sunglasses
(c) a weapon
(d) a long jacket

7. The narrator wants Clifton's funeral to focus on which of the following?
(a) The acts that led to his death
(b) The meaning of his life
(c) what his loss will mean to the Brotherhood
(d) His accomplishments as part of the Brotherhood

8. Why was Brother Tarp on a chain gang?
(a) Because he had betrayed his white master
(b) Because he had lied to white people
(c) Because he had dared to say the word no.
(d) Because he had betrayed his people

9. What does the figurine symbolize?
(a) racism
(b) money
(c) slavery
(d) freedom

10. When is a person most invisible?
(a) When he refuses to mingle with the group
(b) When he simply accepts the rule of the group
(c) When his social group decides to ignore him.
(d) When he exists outside of history

11. Which of the following is true about the narrator's position within the Brotherhood?
(a) He has earned a lot of respect and status
(b) He is an accepted leader
(c) He is secretly admired
(d) He is actually powerless

12. When the woman says the narrator's voice is "primitive," she actually intends the statement as
(a) a gesture of seduction
(b) a word of advice
(c) an insult
(d) a compliment

13. Why is Brother Westrum opposed to the piece of chain on the narrator's desk?
(a) Because it symbolically denies the possibility of equality
(b) Because it shows a tendency to cling to the past
(c) Because it shows difference instead of unity
(d) Because it is a reminder of slavery

14. What surprises the narrator in relation to the riot?
(a) It was the inevitable end of the politics they had been preaching.
(b) The Brotherhood knew nothing about it.
(c) The Brotherhood had instigated it.
(d) He had actually been used to help cause it.

15. When has the narrator made most of his mistakes?
(a) When he has failed to follow orders
(b) When he has questioned other people's motives
(c) When he has stepped away from the ruling group
(d) When he tried to follow other people's plans

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator's anger is primarily focuses against

2. What fault does Emma find with the narrator?

3. With what animal does the narrator compare Brother Jack?

4. What object does Mary own that the narrator finds offensive?

5. How does the Brotherhood regard Clifton?

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