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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the symbolic association of the arena in Chapter 16?
(a) people of both colors gather there
(b) a crooked politician had been exposed
(c) a famous boxer lost his sight
(d) a famous black speaker was killed there

2. What truth is revealed about the Brotherhood in Chapter 22?
(a) That they care nothing about the people
(b) That they have no real purpose
(c) That they are really only interested in black people
(d) That their goal is to use black politics to further their own interests

3. Of what do the men in the bar in Chapter 20 accuse the narrator?
(a) of forgetting his
(b) Of getting White Fever
(c) of neglecting his duties
(d) of betraying the Brotherhood

4. Who does the narrator plan to use to destroy the Brotherhood
(a) Jack himself
(b) Emma
(c) Mr. Hambro
(d) Mr. Emerson

5. How does the Brotherhood regard the dolls Clifton had been selling?
(a) as an unauthorized act of independence
(b) as a racial slur
(c) as a personal hobby that the narrator should have ignored
(d) as ridiculous and overpriced

6. What had the narrator's grandfather learned to accept?
(a) The situation placed upon him by whites
(b) The destiny of his race
(c) The futility of fighting the ruling majority
(d) Humanity

7. When the woman says the narrator's voice is "primitive," she actually intends the statement as
(a) a word of advice
(b) a compliment
(c) an insult
(d) a gesture of seduction

8. What horrifying sight does the narrator see as he flees the riot?
(a) Seven naked manniquins hanging over the street
(b) The slaughter of blacks by the police
(c) The body of Sybil
(d) The destruction of his membership

9. How does the Brotherhood regard Clifton?
(a) As a faceless member
(b) As a martyr
(c) As a traitor
(d) As a hero

10. Which of the following is true about the narrator's position within the Brotherhood?
(a) He is an accepted leader
(b) He has earned a lot of respect and status
(c) He is actually powerless
(d) He is secretly admired

11. What apparent warning meets the narrator upon his return to Harlem
(a) sounds of distant shouting
(b) falling bird droppings
(c) breaking glass
(d) The red light on the church spire

12. Why does the narrator try to hide the figurine from Mary?
(a) Because he has broken it
(b) Because he thinks it is unworthy of her
(c) Because he wants to take it to the Brotherhood
(d) Because he is trying to steal it

13. The narrator wants Clifton's funeral to focus on which of the following?
(a) The acts that led to his death
(b) The meaning of his life
(c) His accomplishments as part of the Brotherhood
(d) what his loss will mean to the Brotherhood

14. What is in the narrator's briefcase?
(a) his green spectacles
(b) Mary's bank
(c) his cash
(d) a white hat

15. Why is the narrator unable to see his audience when he gives his speech at the arena?
(a) They are too far away.
(b) He has to speak from behind a curtain.
(c) He is blinded by lights
(d) The auditorium is too dim.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator discover when he gets to the woman's apartment?

2. When has the narrator made most of his mistakes?

3. How does the narrator plan to overcome the white men of the Brotherhood?

4. What is happening in Harlem?

5. Why was Brother Tarp on a chain gang?

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