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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the narrator unable to see his audience when he gives his speech at the arena?
(a) The auditorium is too dim.
(b) They are too far away.
(c) He has to speak from behind a curtain.
(d) He is blinded by lights

2. Who is Rinehart?
(a) a gambler
(b) A mysterious man with many roles
(c) a preacher
(d) a runner

3. The narrator becomes dizzy at the thought that true saviors might actually be where?
(a) in the history books
(b) crippled within the limits of organizations
(c) outside history
(d) disguised in the literature books

4. When has the narrator made most of his mistakes?
(a) When he has failed to follow orders
(b) When he has questioned other people's motives
(c) When he tried to follow other people's plans
(d) When he has stepped away from the ruling group

5. What makes the narrator think that his night with the white woman was a trap?
(a) Other women seem to want to
(b) The Brotherhood is mysteriously silent regarding his activities
(c) The woman does not want him to return
(d) He dimly remembers the appearance of another man

6. Upon the narrator's return to Harlem, he learns which of the following individuals has disappeared from the Brotherhood?
(a) Brother Clifton
(b) Brother Jack
(c) Brother Westrum
(d) Brother Hambro

7. How does the Brotherhood regard Clifton?
(a) As a traitor
(b) As a hero
(c) As a faceless member
(d) As a martyr

8. What does Brother Tod Clifton do?
(a) He is a fanatic ideologies who teaches newcomers.
(b) lead the youth of the Brotherhood
(c) He is a black nationalist
(d) He is a minister

9. After whom does the narrator say he wants to pattern himself?
(a) Dr, Bledsoe
(b) The Founder
(c) Booker T Washington
(d) Mr. Norton

10. What does the narrator purchase after the confrontation with Ras?
(a) a long jacket
(b) a weapon
(c) a low brimmed hat
(d) a pair of dark green sunglasses

11. Who had predicted the narrator's relationship with the white woman?
(a) Brother Jack
(b) Brother Hambro
(c) The veteran doctor at the Golden Day
(d) Dr. Bledsoe

12. What is the narrator accused of when he tries to dispose of the figurine?
(a) stupidity
(b) theft
(c) drug dealing
(d) littering

13. What does the figurine symbolize?
(a) slavery
(b) freedom
(c) racism
(d) money

14. What does Brother Tarp give the narrator in Chapter 18?
(a) a piece of the chain he once wore
(b) a secret message
(c) a warning
(d) a key to handcuffs

15. How does the Brotherhood regard the dolls Clifton had been selling?
(a) as a personal hobby that the narrator should have ignored
(b) as an unauthorized act of independence
(c) as ridiculous and overpriced
(d) as a racial slur

Short Answer Questions

1. What fault does Emma find with the narrator?

2. What truth is revealed about the Brotherhood in Chapter 22?

3. What does the narrator discover when he gets to the woman's apartment?

4. What does the narrator purchase in Chapter 13 that reminds him of home?

5. The narrator wants to learn everything he can about the Brotherhood in order to

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