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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When is a person most invisible?
(a) When his social group decides to ignore him.
(b) When he simply accepts the rule of the group
(c) When he refuses to mingle with the group
(d) When he exists outside of history

2. Why is Brother Westrum opposed to the piece of chain on the narrator's desk?
(a) Because it shows a tendency to cling to the past
(b) Because it shows difference instead of unity
(c) Because it is a reminder of slavery
(d) Because it symbolically denies the possibility of equality

3. What does the narrator discover about Jack?
(a) That Jack had betrayed the Brotherhood
(b) That Jack had left the Brotherhod
(c) That Jack had actually written the earlier threatening letter.
(d) That Jack had been killed

4. Although the narrator may not realize it, he is searching for
(a) power
(b) wealth
(c) justice
(d) identity

5. What does the narrator discover when he gets to the woman's apartment?
(a) the woman is single
(b) Her husband is away
(c) the woman is divorced
(d) her husband is dead

6. How does the audience react to the narrator's speech?
(a) He is booed
(b) He is cheered
(c) They get up and leave.
(d) They sit in stunned silence

7. What does the narrator notice at the funeral that he would like to exploit?
(a) The carelessness of the policemen
(b) The large attendance on the part of the youth`
(c) The tension of the crowd
(d) The absence of the Brotherhood

8. What realization does the narrator have in Chapter 21?
(a) That the Brotherhood does not really care about people
(b) That the Brotherhood has its own agenda
(c) That the members of the crowd are individuals
(d) That the Brotherhood is just using him.

9. What does the narrator spontaneously decide to buy?
(a) a new suit
(b) a pair of new shoes
(c) a newspaper in hopes that it will explain recent events
(d) a black dancing doll

10. What does Brother Tod Clifton do?
(a) He is a fanatic ideologies who teaches newcomers.
(b) lead the youth of the Brotherhood
(c) He is a black nationalist
(d) He is a minister

11. For whom does the Brotherhood claim to work?
(a) all people
(b) Those of their own party
(c) White people
(d) Black people

12. Of what do the men in the bar in Chapter 20 accuse the narrator?
(a) Of getting White Fever
(b) of neglecting his duties
(c) of forgetting his
(d) of betraying the Brotherhood

13. Why does the narrator go to the white woman's apartment in Chapter 19?
(a) to meet her husband
(b) because she has seduced him
(c) to seduce her
(d) to discuss ideologies

14. The narrator becomes dizzy at the thought that true saviors might actually be where?
(a) outside history
(b) crippled within the limits of organizations
(c) in the history books
(d) disguised in the literature books

15. How does the narrator react to the dolls that are being sold by Clifton?
(a) He spits on one of the dolls
(b) He calls the police
(c) He purchases a doll
(d) He laughs at the dolls

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the unnamed man at the party ask the narrator to do?

2. In Chapter 14, why is Mary cooking cabbage?

3. What decision does the narrator accept for the time period that will be needed to clear the charges against him?

4. What does Dupre want to do prior to starting the fire?

5. What fault does Emma find with the narrator?

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